Private jet travel is becoming increasingly popular, especially for business people. If you’ve not flown by private jet before, here are the private jet amenities that makes it such a great choice for the world’s busiest business people.


For business travelers, one of the most appealing private jet amenities is privacy. Private airport lounges and exclusive chartered flights give you:

  • The peace and quiet you need to work,
  • Reassurance that your phone calls, work, and meetings can all be conducted in complete privacy, ensuring sensitive and confidential information is kept under wraps.


Private jet travel through a high-quality broker like Paramount Business Jets is a great way to ensure your personal safety and the safety of the aircraft you board.

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Personal Safety

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the increasing importance of reducing our potential exposure to viruses. Whether you’re traveling in flu season or during an unprecedented pandemic, private jets are a far safer way to fly. Your exposure to germs is dramatically reduced by:

  • Much smaller crews, who are exposed to far fewer colleagues and passengers than their airline counterparts,
  • Fewer fellow passengers,
  • Private lounges,
  • No busy queues for booking in or luggage retrieval.

Aircraft Safety

Booking your private flight with Paramount Business Jets means you can have confidence in both your aircraft and its crew.

We’re known for our industry-leading safety standards—standards so high that only 10% of providers qualify to join our preferred global network. We’re members of the Aviation Research Group – United States (ARGUS) as well as WYVERN the leading providers of third-party aviation safety analysis, and use their well-known TripCHEQ system and PASS Reports. Our dedicated in-house Flight Safety Manager oversees to ensure all safety audits each trip, including the operator, aircraft, and crew are completed before the plane departs.

Our certified operators, crew, and aircraft are compliant with Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and Department of Transportation (DoT) protocols and have a flawless safety record. We require a minimum of two FAA-certified, ATP-rated pilots, with experience well above industry standard requirements, on every flight. Our stringent protocols ensure pilots and flight crews are well rested between flights. 

Luxury and comfort 

Perhaps the best known (and arguably, popular) of all private jet amenities is luxury. Expect superior catering, supremely comfortable and adjustable seats, and a high-quality finish. Business jets offer all the conveniences and touches that make your flight a pleasure, even when you have to work.

At Paramount Business Jets, we have access to some of the most luxurious aircraft in the world. These include:

The Raytheon Hawker 1000 

The Hawker 1000 is a super-midsize jet with an intercontinental range. It’s capable of maintaining a sea-level cabin altitude at an altitude of 22,200 feet, providing a comfortable atmosphere for work or relaxation. It offers:

  • Seating for eight passengers,
  • Worktables,
  • 72 cubic feet baggage compartment,
  • Ample headroom and shoulder room,
  • The fully enclosed lavatory,
  • 14 windows, providing ample natural light.

The Cessna Citation Sovereign

One of the fastest jets in the super-midsize jet, the Sovereign offers:

  • Seating for eight in comfortable 180-degree swivel seats,
  • A spacious, private full bathroom,
  • 16 windows providing plenty of natural light,
  • 135 cubic feet baggage compartment plus additional storage in a cabin closet.

The Bombardier Challenger 300

The Bombardier Challenger 300 has an impressive range of over 3,000 nautical miles. It offers:

  • One of the largest cabins in its class,
  • Fold-out worktables,
  • Adjustable seats,
  • The fully enclosed lavatory.

Bespoke Services

Private jet amenities aren’t limited to in-flight luxuries and conveniences. We pride ourselves on providing what you need—before, during, and after your flight. Concierge services or a meeting room at or close to the airport? No problem. Catering for your dietary needs and arranging transfers? Done. We can even arrange bodyguards via a global network of elite security services.

A crew waiting in front of a leased aircraft.

Built for Business: Conference and Meeting Rooms In-Flight 

Private jet amenities like conference and meeting rooms mean that although you’re thousands of miles from the office—and thousands of feet in the air—it can be business as usual. If you want to save time by traveling overnight, some planes also offer full-size showers and sleeping facilities (or even a separate bedroom). Add high-quality catering and technology, and your chartered private jet really can be your office in the sky.

The latest technology

Today, most business jets have Wi-Fi to keep you connected throughout your flight. Access data from the Cloud, hold online meetings, or stream movies or music. Wi-Fi may be free or chargeable, so contact us for advice if you’re expecting to use Wi-Fi extensively.

Phones, TV sets, HD monitors, and Bluetooth connectivity are also common features, allowing you to both stay in touch for work and relax when your working day is done.

A Far Wider Choice of Destinations

Flying by private jet gives you access to around ten times the number of airports served by commercial airlines. Airlines tend to only serve larger and busier destinations. Their flights may be scarce to less popular destinations, and their planes are too big to land at the numerous smaller airports around the globe. 

These smaller airports may be a lot closer to your final destination, reducing transfers and saving time. Plus, of course, you can travel when you want to, making your own schedule.

With a private jet flight, the world is your oyster. Book a flight to one of the bigger airports like Calgary International, the gateway to the Rockies. Fly overnight to the business capitals of Europe, such as Barcelona, and arrive ready to broker a great deal. Or fly to some of the world’s smallest airports, like Morgantown in Virginia, with its 0.5-mile-long runway, or Luang Prabang in Laos. Wherever you’re going, Paramount Business Jets can get you closer.

Choose Business Jets for Convenience, Efficiency, and Comfort

With top-of the range technology and facilities, luxurious cabins, and all your needs catered for, flying by private jet is the best way to do business on the go! The ability to hold meetings in the air or at the airport when you land, and to fly where and when you want to, help you make the most of your precious time. 

Ready to book your next business flight with Paramount Business Jets? Then visit our Private Jets and Aircraft for Charter Flights page today to see the aircraft we have available, or request a quote.

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