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Part 121

Part 121

Part 121 deals with the operating requirements of domestic, flag, and supplemental operations in commercial aviation. All scheduled air carriers operate under this part of the Federal Aviation Regulations or FARs. In order for a pilot to fly for an airline he must be certified under Part 121 or his company but be certified under Part 121. It is composed of twenty-three parts the first is the SFARs (Special Federal Aviation Regulations) that outline rules and regulations for special situations and the last sections is the Appendix. The other twenty-one sections broken down and represented by the letters “A” – “X.”

Air carries operate under this part because it outlines the rules and regulations for aircraft carrying a large number of people as well as weighing an immense amount. Certain Part 121 carries can have aircraft weighing up to 900,000lbs during takeoff. The subparts are divided up and explained in the following graph:

Subpart Title Description
A General basic compliance of rules, drugs and alcohol
B,C,D Reserved reserved for future regulation sections
E Approval of Routes: Domestic and Flag Operations route approval for scheduled flight in and out of the united states
F Approval of Areas and Routes for Supplemental Operations routes for unscheduled flights
G Manual Requirements required manuals on board
H Aircraft Requirements limitations for the aircraft in flight
I Airplane Performance and Operating Limitations limitations for the aircraft in flight
J Special Airworthiness Requirements special certificates given to planes in special circumstances
K Instrument and Equipment Requirements required equipment and instruments on board the aircraft for flight
L Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, and Alterations any maintenance performed on the aircraft
M Airmen and Crewmember Requirements requirements for crewmembers and airmen to be certified
N Training Program standards for airmen and crew training
O Crewmember Qualifications qualifications for the crew
P Aircraft Dispatcher Qualifications and Duty Time qualifications for dispatchers
Q Flight Time Limitations and Rest Requirements: Domestic Operations rest requirements and maximum flight time allowed inside the United States
R Flight Time Limitations: Flag Operations limitations on scheduled international flight
S Flight Time Limitations: Supplemental Operations limitations on unscheduled flights
T Flight Operations operations approved for flight
U Dispatching and Flight Release Rules handing out and releasing requirements for flight standards
V Records and Reports requirements for reports and records of flight time and aircraft usage
W Crewmember Certificate: International requirements for international crewmember certification
X Emergency Medical Equipment and Training training programs for medical equipment

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