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A development of the Citation III, the Cessna Citation VII is currently the only member of that family (Citation III/VI/VII) still in production. Incorporating the same spacious cabin size of almost 19 feet long and 6 feet high and wide, the Citation VII provides a modern, luxurious form of travel for up to eight passengers at 448 mph.

The average hourly rental rate of the Citation VII is around 4,450 USD per hour.

Aircraft Size

Aircraft Size English Metric
Length 55.50 ft 16.92 m
Wing Span 53.50 ft 16.31 m
Height 16.80 ft 5.12 m
Bag. Capacity 62 ft³ 2 m³

Cabin Size

Citation VII Exterior

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Cabin Size English Metric
Length 18.60 ft 5.67 m
Width 5.80 ft 1.77 m
Height 5.70 ft 1.74 m
Area 438 ft³ 12 m³

Aircraft Seats

Layout Seats
Max Seating 13
Typical Seating 7
Pilots 2

Average Prices

Purchase New - -
Purchase Used - -
Charter Rate 4,450 USD/hour 4,450 EUR/hour

Performance Specifications

Performance English Metric
IFR Range 1,585 nm 2,935 km
Cruise Speed 448 KTAS 830 km/h
Certified Ceiling 51,000 ft 15,545 m
Rate of Climb 3,921 ft/m 1,195 m/m
Takeoff Distance 4,950 ft 1,509 m
Landing Distance 3,000 ft 914 m
Max Takeoff Weight 22,450 lbs 10,183 kg
Max Landing Weight 20,000 lbs 9,072 kg
Useful Weight 8,450 lbs 3,833 kg
Payload with Full Fuel 1,120 lbs 508 kg

More about the Citation VII

After the Citation VI had a successful run in the market, the Cessna Corporation announced the next iteration in the Citation line: the Citation VII. Developed from the Citation III and following the Citation VI, the Citation VII showcases some classy updates, such as upgraded engines and cabin modifications. Many Citation III operators were included in the design considerations, offering their opinions for modifications. With its luxurious upgrades and top notch performance, the Citation VI became the mainstay for the Cessna Citation line for years and even continues to be a top choice for private jet travel.

Production on the Citation VII started in 1992 and ended in 2000. 119 aircraft have been built so far.

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Key Features of the Citation VII

The Citation VII is usually configured to seat eight passengers but can be rearranged to accommodate as many as thirteen. With 51 cubic feet of external baggage capacity capable of holding 415 pounds of luggage, the Citation VII offers enough available storage to accommodate all of your carry on needs. With additional soundproofing, the cabin of this private business jet is one of the quietest in its class, allowing business meetings or casual conversations to carry on without interruption. The improved and expanded fully enclosed lavatory can double as a changing room. The Citation VII has a maximum differential of 9.3 psi for a comfortable flying experience. With this differential, this private business jet is capable of maintaining sea level pressure cabin altitude at an altitude of 25,230 feet.

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Capabilities of the Citation VII

The Citation VII comes equipped with two Honeywell TFE731-4R-2S engines. Each engine is rated at 4,080 pounds of thrust each at take off, a 780 pound increase when compared to the engines used on the Citation VI. These powerful engines contribute to the Citation VII’s excellent aerodynamic performance, allowing the private business jet to climb to 37,000 feet in just eighteen minutes. With the trailing link landing gear systems, taxi and landing operations are a much smoother experience. On a standard day, the Cessna Citation VII needs 4,850 feet of runway to take off and requires only 2,520 feet of runway to land. For a swift flight, the Cessna Citation VII is capable of maintaining its high speed cruise velocity of 459 knot at an altitude of 41,000 feet. If your business venture requires a longer flight to a further destination, the Citation VII is capable of flying at its long range cruise speed of 417 knots at its all engine service ceiling of 43,000 feet.

The Cessna Corporation selected the Honeywell SPZ-8000 5-Tube avionics suite for the Citation VII. Instrumentation in this suite include dual Collins VHF-22C communication radios, dual Collins VIR-32 navigation systems, dual Collins ADF-462’s, dual Honeywell DME-850’s, dual Honeywell XS-850 transponders, a Honeywell NZ-2000, a Honeywell KGP-860 Class B EGPWS, a Honeywell DL 950 Data Loader, an Artex 100-406 MHz ELT, a Fairchild A-100 Cockpit Voice Recorder, a Collins ALT-55 Radio Altimeter, a Benedix/King KLN900 GPS, Goodrich TCAS I, and a Honeywell FZ 800 autopilot.

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