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What makes Paramount the world’s most trusted private jet broker?

For two years running, Paramount Business Jets was named INC 500’s Fastest Growing Private Aviation Company. Our clients agree, with Fortune 500 executives, A-List actors, star entertainers, elite athletes and even presidents making Paramount their private jet broker of choice. So what makes us one of the most trusted names in private aviation?


With over 100 years of combined aviation, pilot and airline experience, along with Masters-level aviation degrees from respected institutions, there’s no team more qualified than Paramount to deliver an incredible private jet travel experience.


Only the top 10% of aircraft operators qualify for our global provider network. Rated by clients and independent auditors alike, our preferred partners share our complete dedication to safety, quality, innovation and excellence.


We’re known for our industry-leading safety standards. Comprehensive third-party checks. Rigorous internal audits. Strict certification procedures. These are just some of the processes carried out by our dedicated safety manager before every single flight. Find out more.


With our industry expertise and buying power, our clients pay up to 20% less than the market rate. We charge a flat management rate, we never inflate our costs and we pass all savings directly on to you - unheard of in the industry until now.


We keep you informed every step of the way. Honest quotes and fixed fees mean that what you see is what you’ll pay, and you’ll have a full cost breakdown and a detailed safety report in your hands prior to every flight.


Experience VIP treatment like never before with Paramount’s famous white glove service. From gourmet cuisine and five-star facilities, to luxury ground transport and concierge service, every detail of your flight is designed to delight you.

Global Reach

Paramount’s expansive international network puts the world at your fingertips. Fly directly to even the most remote destinations, with regional specialists and multilingual staff providing support on every continent.


Paramount is your one-stop shop for private jet travel. Access the largest network of private operators in the world and choose from over 15,000 aircraft. With membership options, private charter, aircraft leasing and acquisitions, there’s a solution for everybody.


This is private jet travel on your terms. We work to your schedule, flying you wherever you want to go with as little as an hour’s notice. And if your plans change, your dedicated flight team is on hand 24/7 to help.


Because your travel needs are unique, your flight should be too. Your Personal Flight Manager tailors every detail of your flight to your exact requirements and preferences, from the in-flight entertainment to the choice of aircraft.


Our corporate culture is built on ethical practices, high standards, constant innovation and a commitment to excellence. As your industry advocate and marketplace representative, our mission is to broker the best deal for you in every way. Find out more.


Because no plan is foolproof, we always have a contingency plan for a seamless journey. We provide flight tracking from several hours before take-off, and we keep quality back-up aircraft options on standby until the moment you land.


Forget the industry jargon and tech-speak. You just want to get from A to B quickly, easily and cost-effectively. As your expert liaison, we make the charter process crystal clear so that you can do just that.


Paramount is passionate about giving back. We created a scholarship fund in partnership with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to lift up the next generation of aviation students, and we support a number of life-changing non-profit organizations. Find out more.


We’re always striving to be better and better. We invest heavily in education initiatives to build a superior aviation workforce, and we’ve developed some of the most valuable tools and exciting programs in the industry.

Common FAQs on Using Brokers Like Paramount Business Jets

Most frequent flyers find that using a broker comes with many advantages. There are still some flyers who prefer to make their own arrangements without knowing all the facts.

We will attempt to help you better understand the benefits of using Paramount every time you fly private.

Client A: “I fly regularly and know most of the operators and aircraft at my local airport.”

Q: How can Paramount find more aircraft than I can?

A: Paramount not only has access to the operators and aircraft based at a particular airport, but also to every aircraft transient at that airport, sometimes weeks or months ahead. Only a broker would know what aircraft are positioned where and can solicit quotes from those operators.

Paramount also has access to aircraft at other nearby airports with lower hourly rates. And even with the cost of positioning them, they may still come in at a lower price than aircraft already based at the desired airport of departure.

Q: How can Paramount get better pricing than I can get directly from the operator?

A: Paramount receives a broker's discount from operators, called "wholesale pricing". This can be 5% - 10% below retail pricing. Also, successful brokerages like Paramount Business Jets are high volume buyers, giving them greater leverage in negotiating down rates on their clients' behalf.

Combine the discounts with twice as many options as the client may find on their own and the result is a list of options that statistically present more aircraft at lower rates.

Q: Why would it be safer for me to use Paramount?

A: A reputable brokerage like Paramount Business Jets, checks the safety of every crew member on every flight to ensure they meet ARG/US and Wyvern safety standards. We also ensure the operator is in good standing with their certificates and have proper amounts of insurance.

Q: Why is using Paramount more reliable than if I sign directly with an operator?

A: In the event of a mechanical issue, the client who signs directly with the operator is at a great disadvantage. That operator may not have a backup aircraft and may not be able to wire the client's money back for weeks, leaving the client to fend for themselves to find another aircraft when they are already en-route to the airport or have their own clients with them stranded on the tarmac.

A reliable brokerage like Paramount Business Jets will flight track the aircraft starting from its previous flight, and will always have back up options prepared in the event of a last minute mechanical. They will use their own funds with the operator to protect the client's money until the flight is complete.

We hope these Q&A’s have helped you better understand some of the benefits of using Paramount on your next flight.

Find out why Paramount is the fastest growing private jet company in America.

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