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The past decade has seen the travel agency industry boom like never before, and travel agents around the world are increasingly looking to provide their tourists with a variety of travel options, such as private jet travel, and other charter services. As the demand for lavish trips increases, private charter improves their customers' experience and guarantees every vacation starts and ends on a luxurious note.

Always a capable crew to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight.

In response to the evolving market demand and the desire to help travel agencies become more competitive in the private air charter market, Paramount Business Jets offers travel agents direct access to true wholesale pricing. Pricing that allows travel agents to offer their clients below-market fares, increasing their profit.

PBJ will handle all the details regarding the landing fees, permits, curfews, crew duty time, catering, limos, flight taxes, fees, and much more.

15,000 Aircraft to Choose from Worldwide.

Offering private jet charter of aircraft of all sizes, anywhere in the world, will be one of the best selling points for any agency that uses our services on behalf of their clients. From turboprops for short island hopping to Boeing Business Jets for transatlantic flights, Paramount Business Jets will support you and help you find the best solutions for your agency's customers.

We understand this is the agent's client and must be respected as such.

We put the power of highly skilled brokers into travel agents' hands:

  • Wholesale Charter Pricing
  • Unlimited Selection of Aircraft
  • Below Market Prices
  • 24/7 Access to Private Jet Experts
  • Cost Savings of 20-40%
  • Fixed 10% Management Fee

Using a "trust & transparency" approach, PBJ provides travel agents with the same cost-effective pricing that is generally reserved for skilled brokers in the private jet charter industry. This pricing plan generates cost savings of 20-40% below the current market rates while making the process of receiving and requesting quotes simple. This system allows travel agents to save time by letting them avoid air charter service market research and giving them the best offer instead of numerous different quotes. PBJ does all the work (concerning private jets) for them, and only charges a 10% management fee for all services, resulting in a cost-effective range of aircraft options for each client and every trip.

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