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Private Air Charter Services for Heads of State

Security, Safety, Discretion

Private jet charters are a very cost-effective and flexible alternative to outright jet ownership. They also attract less negative social commentary, and negative press, when used by politicians.

Among our staff, we have specialists who focus on looking after diplomatic flights, and who regularly attend training events to further their knowledge in the area of government air charter.

We are fully up to date with the diplomatic transportation industry and knowledgeable in the processes required for diplomatic air charters, including air and ground clearances, consulate coordinations, special service operations, discretion, and security. We make sure these types of government flights, are carried out by verified, as well as confidential operators and crew, in certificated, regulated, and inspected aircraft, all of which exceed demanding federal aviation authority safety standards.

Depending on what exactly is needed, Paramount Business Jets provides aircraft of all sizes, whether it's a small, discreet executive jet for prime ministers and world leaders, or a large airliner to accommodate a flight full of government officials. All aircraft types are available for government flights.

You can rest assured that diplomatic flights will proceed flawlessly, from the moment the diplomatic parties arrive for their flight to when they reach their desired destination. Government charter flights can be arranged to and from any licensed airport, either nationally or internationally, and include all ground handling and transfers.

The Paramount Business Jets Diplomatic Private Jet Transfer Service Includes:

  • Your own dedicated private aviation consultant to look after all the details relating to your flight
  • A choice of aircraft of all sizes and configurations, tailored to diplomatic use
  • Exclusive, private use of your aircraft
  • Full ground management as per your requirements
  • Schedules and flight times as specified by you
  • Private, discreet check-in facilities
  • On-board services as per your requirements
  • No baggage restrictions (apart from those demanded by aviation law)

To receive a customized proposal for diplomatic or government flights, or to speak to a PBJ Representative today, call +1-877-727-2538.

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