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It may be fiction on our screens, but when film and TV crews have to travel, they generally don't travel by scheduled airline. They have to use a bespoke private jet service. They overcome all the pitfalls that we, as tourist travelers, always seem to fall into. They need a service provided by someone like ourselves at Paramount Business Jets. Because we can “soar” above all the obstacles your film or TV company might otherwise have to overcome.

At Paramount Business Jets, we have the knowledge and expertise to cater to the often demanding needs of the TV and film industry. With access to a fleet of over 15,000 elite aircraft available to choose from - small turbo-props to large VIP airliners – we can match the ideal aircraft to suit your requirements and transport you to your destination efficiently, safely, and most importantly, where delays mean soaring production costs, in a very timely manner.

All our highly-trained and experienced private aviation consultants need from you are details of your proposed departure and arrival points, the number of people traveling, and the level of equipment you expect to carry with you.

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Relax, Rejuvenate, Refresh

Chartering your own aviation transport means that you are essentially your own boss when it comes to the timetable. You decide when you are leaving and arriving, as demanded by your production schedule, so you don't waste time in airports or in transit. You also have the added advantage of a direct flight to the most convenient airport.

You also have no restrictions with regard to your equipment and luggage – you simply have it loaded and you go! No extra charge for heavy or bulky items, and if you want to take that $20,000 camera into the cabin, you can do, without having to buy a second air ticket.

You can relax while we do the work. Ticketing, check-in, luggage, seating, and on-board food, – all taken care of for you by our experts. And should you have some extra-large equipment, just have a chat with our experts when enquire, and we'll do the rest. This leaves you completely free to use the journey and even some of the time before the journey – time that you would otherwise have spent organizing the trip - for any vital, last-minute pre-production planning.

All in all, it's altogether very sensible to book a Paramount Business Jet!

The Paramount Business Jets service includes:

  • Dedicated private aviation consultants to assist you
  • Full ground management
  • Choice of over 15,000 aircraft, from small executive jets to larger party aircraft
  • Your exclusive, private use of the aircraft for your party only
  • Schedules and timings to meet your precise requirements
  • On-board services as per your specifications
  • No baggage restrictions (apart from those dictated to by aviation law)
  • Option of private check-in facilities, branding, airport announcements

To learn more and receive a customized proposal for your film and/or TV production, contact a PBJ Representative today at +1-877-727-2538.

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