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Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.A. is an Italian, multinational aircraft manufacturer located in Genoa, Italy. Piaggio Aero also owns Piaggio America, which is its subsidiary located in Florida, USA. The company as a whole designs, develops, and manufacturers aircraft, aircraft engines, and aircraft components.


Although Piaggio Aero Industries in its current form was officially established in 1998, its origins tie in closely with the Rinaldo Piaggio S.p.A. Company, which was founded in 1884 in Genoa, making it one of the planet's oldest aircraft manufacturers. Originally manufacturing parts for ocean liners and the railway industry, Piaggio began looking into expanding into the aeronautic industry in the 1920s by employing two very talented aeronautical engineers, Giuseppe Gabrielli and Giovanni Pegna. These two men were true innovators and headlined several modern advancements in aviation leading to the design and construction of the world's first rotorcraft.

Due to the destruction caused by World War II and Rinaldo Piaggio's death in 1938, the company was set back until Piaggio's sons, Enrico and Armando, began the process of rebuilding. In 1948, the Piaggio P. 136 was released and utilized by the Italian Airforce. In 1953, the German Air Force ordered 265 units of the Piaggio P. 149. In 1960, Piaggio began expanding with the production of jet engines under the license of Rolls Royce Viper. In 1966, the company split into an aeronautical company and a Vespa motor scooter company, although both retained the Piaggio namesake. This change allowed Piaggio Aero to focus on designing and producing business aircraft.

In 1998, the assets of the former Rinaldo Piaggio S.p.A. company were purchased by a group of investors lead by the Ferrari and Di mase families and became known as Piaggio Aero Industries. In 2006, the Mubadala Development Company purchased a 35% stake in the company. Finally, in 2008, the Tata Group, an Indian multinational conglomerate, purchased a one-third stake in the company. As a result, today Piaggio Aero is headed by these three corporate entities, each sharing roughly equal power on the board and management committee. Read more about Piaggio Aero on Wikipedia.

Types of Piaggio Jets Available in the Market

Aircraft name Max Pax Range (nm)
Piaggio Aero P180 Avanti II 9 1510

Piaggio Aircraft Charters, Sales and Leasing Services