King Air C90GTx Private Jet Charter

King Air C90GTx by Beechcraft (BE-C90GTx), a popular Turboprop Aircraft - Specifications, History, and Overview

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King Air C90GTxprivate jet charter

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King Air C90GTx Private Charter Flights and Prices

King Air C90GTx by Beechcraft (BE-C90GTx), a popular Turboprop Aircraft - Specifications, History, and Overview

The average hourly rental rate of the King Air C90GTx is around 1,500 USD per hour.

The average purchase price of a new King Air C90GTx is 3,800,000 USD.

The average purchase price of a pre-owned King Air C90GTx is 3,250,000 USD.

Aircraft Size

Aircraft sizeEnglishMetric
Length35.5 ft10.82 m
Wing Span53.66 ft16.36 m
Height14.24 ft4.34 m
Bag. Capacity48 ft³1.36 m³

Cabin Size

Cabin sizeEnglishMetric
Length12.6 ft 3.84 m
Width4.48 ft 1.38 m
Height4.76 ft 1.46 m
Area227 ft³ 6.42 m³

Aircraft Seats

Max Seating7
Typical Seating5

Average Prices

Purchase New3,800,000 USD3,800,000 EUR
Purchase Used3,250,000 USD3,250,000 EUR
Hourly rate1,500 USD/hour1,500 EUR/hour

Performance Specifications

IFR Range1260 nm2334 km
Cruise Speed226 KTAS419 km/h
Certified Ceiling30000 ft9144 m
Rate of Climb1900 ft/m579 m/m
Takeoff Distance1984 ft605 m
Landing Distance2100 ft640 m
Max Takeoff Weight10485 lbs4756 kg
Max Landing Weight9832 lbs4460 kg
Useful Weight3290 lbs1492 kg
Payload with Full Fuel717 lbs325 kg

More about the King Air C90GTx

With more than 45 years of rugged, reliable, and consistent service on its resume, the King Air 90 is one of the most trusted and respected aircraft on the planet. And in addition to its long history of impeccable service, the King Air 90 is also very affordable. Throughout the years, countless upgrades have been implemented to continually modernize the popular model. A completely new version began production in 2004, the GT series, which continued to introduce new versions with the GTi in 2007 and the GTx in 2009. Making a focused effort to consistently modernize their product, Hawker Beechcraft added more advanced digital interfaces in 2010, the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite, as well as state-of-the-art composite winglets to reduce unnecessary drag. As a result of these constant improvements and advances, the King Air C90GTx represents the perfect blend of modern innovations built upon a solid foundation of time-tested, proven, and reliable business aircraft solutions, which has created a formidable competitor for any other aircraft in its class.

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Key Features of the King Air C90GTx

As of 2011, the King Air C90 can be retrofitted with advanced Garmin G1000 avionics, making the operating experience even more efficient and reliable. Passengers will enjoy the spacious cabin that the C90 provides, which features a characteristic square-oval design to provide ample head and shoulder space throughout the interior. The baggage area is not only properly pressurized and heated, but is also accessible during flight. A private aft lavatory is also a standard feature. It can seat a maximum of seven passengers in a high-density seating arrangement, but most comfortably carries five. With a respectable transcontinental range of 1,060 nautical miles and a maximum cruising speed of 270 ktas, the C90 excels at missions that do not require intercontinental capabilities. Although it is not the most powerful, stunning, or luxurious aircraft available, the C90 is as balanced and economic as business aircraft come. And perhaps most importantly, the King Air 90 series of aircraft represents some of the most reliable and trusted options in the industry.

Capabilities of the King Air C90GTx

The King Air C90GTx includes several enhancements over previous versions. Namely, it includes a significant increase in maximum gross weight, better climb performance, and additional fuel economy thanks mainly to the aforementioned composite winglet design. Additionally, maximum takeoff and ramp weight have also been increased by an impressive 385 pounds. These advancements allow the C90GTx to boast a full-fuel payload capacity of over 750 pounds. Impressively, this figure is almost double what the GTi model can boast and soundly outclasses the full-fuel payload capability of any entry-level jet. As a result of these significant enhancements, the C90GTx is capable of flying an additional 200 nautical miles with four or less passengers. With each of these improvements working in conjunction, it's evident that the C90GTx is an all-around superior alternative to all of its previous versions. And with the continual addition of more and more advanced avionics, the King Air 90 is only going to get better.