BAE 146-200 Private Jet Charter

The BAe 146-200 is a stretched version of the BAe 146-100.

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BAE 146-200private jet charter


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BAe 146-200 Private Charter Flights and Prices

The BAe 146-200 is a stretched version of the BAe 146-100.

The average hourly rental rate of the BAE 146-200 is around 18,600 USD per hour.

The average purchase price of a pre-owned BAE 146-200 is 14,000,000 USD.

Aircraft Size

Aircraft sizeEnglishMetric
Length93.84 ft28.6 m
Wing Span86.42 ft26.34 m
Height28.25 ft8.6 m
Bag. Capacity225 ft³6.36 m³

Cabin Size

Cabin sizeEnglishMetric
Length58.44 ft 17.8 m
Width11.22 ft 3.42 m
Height6.66 ft 2.02 m
Area- ft³0 m³

Aircraft Seats

Max Seating112
Typical Seating85

Average Prices

Purchase New - -
Purchase Used14,000,000 USD14,000,000 EUR
Hourly rate18,600 USD/hour18,600 EUR/hour

Performance Specifications

IFR Range1570 nm2908 km
Cruise Speed414 KTAS767 km/h
Certified Ceiling31168 ft9500 m
Rate of Climb2000 ft/m610 m/m
Takeoff Distance4560 ft1390 m
Landing Distance3904 ft1190 m
Max Takeoff Weight93000 lbs42184 kg
Max Landing Weight81000 lbs36741 kg
Useful Weight - -
Payload with Full Fuel17802 lbs8075 kg