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As the travel agency industry starts diversifying their service offerings, travel agents around the world are increasingly looking to assist travelers with a variety of private jet travel and charter operations. Their customers prefer to employ the agents services because of their relationship with the travel agent and the special highly personalized service only a professional travel agent can provide.

Knowledgeable and Friendly Crew

Always a capable crew to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight.

Many travel agents are new to the private jet industry and when given a private jet request from one of their clients, they will generally refer to a friend who calls a friend or broker who calls an operator to quote the desired trip. By the time the travel agent receives a price, it has been marked up 2 to 3 times and thus making it impossible for the travel agent to complete in the market place.

In response to this evolving market demand and the desire to help travel agents become more competitive in the private aviation market place, Paramount Business Jets, is proud to offer travel agents direct access to true wholesale pricing. Pricing that allows the travel agent to offer their clients below market prices and thus increasing their own bottom line.

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Paramount Business Jets has a staggering array of private jet services to assist luxury travel agents worldwide and will personally guide the travel agent in assisting their client with the right aircraft for each mission. PBJ will handle all the details in regards to landing fees, permits, curfews, crew duty time, catering, limo, flight taxes and fees, and so much more.

Aircraft Flying in the Sunset

15,000 Aircraft to Choose from Worldwide.

Any size aircraft anywhere in the world will be the selling point for any agency using our services on behalf of their clients. From turbo props for short hops to Boeing Business Jets for Trans-Atlantic flights and so much more, no solution will be out of reach for the travel agent in this unique relationship with Paramount Business Jets. We will support your efforts while providing you with a long term solution to your private jet needs.

PBJ's commitment to the Travel Agents who use our services is to always protect the integrity of the Travel Agent and customer relationship. We understand this is their client and must be respected as such. We will educate the Agent so they may better represent private jets to all of their clients.

PBJ puts the same power of the most highly skilled brokers in the world into the travel agents hands!

  • Wholesale Charter Pricing
  • Unlimited Selection of Aircraft
  • Below Market Prices
  • 24/7 Access to Private Jet Experts
  • Cost Savings of 20-40%
  • Fixed 10% Management Fee

Utilizing a "trust & transparency" approach, PBJ provides travel agents with the same cost-effective pricing that is generally reserved for skilled brokers in the aviation industry. This pricing plan generates a cost savings of 20-40% below current market rates while simplifying the process for receiving and requesting quotes. Through this system, travel agents never have to shop the market place to receive numerous quotes, and instead PBJ does the work, follows through and charges a modest 10% management fee for all of its services, resulting in a cost effective range of aircraft options for each client and every trip.

American Express Travel Agents Worldwide

As American Express begins to diversify their service offerings, American Express Travel Agents are often looking to assist travelers with a variety of private jet travel and charter operations. Clients worldwide prefer to employ the American Express Travel Agents because of their relationship with the company and the special highly personalized service that only a professional agent can provide. Whether new to the private jet industry or veterans, American Express Travel Agents can utilize Paramount Business Jets for specialized services and on-demand jet charter operations 24/7, 365 days a year. Through Paramount Business Jets, travel agents no longer need to call numerous operators in order to receive the best quotes; instead, Paramount Business Jets will work beside American Express Travel Agents to provide fast and efficient responses without the added markup and delay that has conventionally accompanied these sorts of requests.

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