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Perfectly Choreographed Private Jet Charter

As an artist, travel is a necessary but highly demanding part of the job. Keeping to a tight and ever-changing schedule. Traveling to far-flung locations at a moment’s notice. Coordinating an army of support staff. Enduring the physical demands of long, grueling tours. The list is endless.

At Paramount Business Jets, we understand these challenges. For over a decade now, we’ve been transporting entertainers all over the globe with the utmost comfort and style. From one-off festivals to worldwide tours, we’re experts in developing bespoke private air charter solutions for bands, singers, orchestras, actors, and comedians.

The life of an entertainer is a hectic one, but traveling by private jet is one easy way to make it a little bit simpler. When you fly with Paramount Business Jets, your only job is to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. We take care of every last detail so that you can focus on your music.

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Travel Comfortably While Touring

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We will provide seamless travel while you're on tour so that your travel time is minimized.

Travel is a huge part of being a musician or any other type of entertainer. The internationalization of show business and the phenomenon of the internet has done a lot to change what it takes to be successful in this industry. To maintain credibility, musicians need to put on tours and public appearances all over the world.

This can mean a tour now requires many legs, often internationally, to meet the demands of your audience, because if you don’t, someone else will. While anyone in the music industry understands what’s required of them, this lifestyle can become draining if you spend weeks or even months traveling.

To meet the needs of hectic tour schedules, Paramount Business Jets can coordinate with your tour management to provide not only a charter a private jet to cater to the needs of you and your entourage, but also to ensure your valuable equipment is protected.

Transportation and Security for your Group and Equipment

Deejay Equipment

Transportation and Security for your Group and Equipment.

At Paramount Business Jets, we provide you with a dedicated private aviation consultant to look after everything on board your private flight between gigs. We also look after the ground transportation of your equipment, gourmet catering requirements, and even pet travel if you need it. You’re able to sit back, relax, and prepare for your next appearance.

You’ll have private and premium service at your departure and arrival locations, including private ticketing, private rooms. There’s no tiresome queuing in ticketing, check-in or departure halls, and your luggage, however much you need, will be taken care of for you.

When your concert is over, you can be whisked back to your charter jet and be safely and quickly on your way to your next engagement, without the inconvenience of having to stop-over or transfer aircraft. Using a Paramount Business Jet charter means you will have the complete flexibility of flying into any conveniently-located licensed airport, anywhere in the world. We can arrange to fly you into and out of smaller commercial airports close to your destination that can avoid the crowds and afford you all the privacy you require.

Benefits of Chartering a Private Jet for Entertainers

For any entertainers who travel often, chartering a private jet is the only way to go. No other form of traveling has as much to offer to people with such complex schedules. With Paramount Business Jets, you’ll quickly see the importance of flying privately.

Flexibility without compromise

Seamless transport of all your musical equipment

Seamless transport of all your musical equipment

In the life of an entertainer, plans change in a heartbeat. Your transportation needs to be as flexible as your schedule. With access to a global network of aviation partners and over 4,000 types of private aircraft, Paramount can take you anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. We work with your schedule, so we’re ready to go when you are. The private jets we have access to are available at different types of private aircrafttypes of private aircraft, depending on what you’re budget it.

With so many private jets to choose from, we can provide air charter services for groups of all sizes. Whether it’s just you and your band, or you’re bringing along management, support staff, press, and family, we can make sure everybody travels and arrives together. And if plans change, adding or removing passengers is a quick, free, no-hassle process.

Unlike other travel methods with limited space and weight restrictions, a private music group charter can carry all the baggage you need. You can bring along all of your band or orchestra equipment without the expense of excess baggage fees or the worry of losing irreplaceable instruments.

Quick, comfortable and convenient travel

Travel can be hard at the best of times, but add a busy tour schedule and physically demanding performances into the mix and it’s a recipe for exhaustion. How can you perform at your best if you’re tired, achy, and stressed? The only way to travel comfortably is with a private jet. With connection-free flights direct to your destination, a Paramount live touring flight charter is the quickest, most comfortable way to travel between shows.

Enjoy getting to board from your own private terminal, complete with VIP security and lounge service. Luxurious lie-flat beds, delicious meals, and fantastic entertainment await you on-board, so you can arrive at every show relaxed, refreshed, and ready to wow the crowd.

Enjoy the ability to personalize your flight

As all great rock stars do, the band Iron Maiden liked to travel from show to show on their own private jet. Their Boeing 757, also known as Ed Force One was emblazoned with the image of the band’s mascot, Eddie the Head, and famously captained by the group’s lead singer and fully qualified pilot, Bruce Dickinson. Now, while we can’t put you (or Bruce) at the controls, we can promise you an equally personalized group charter experience.

Every single detail of your Paramount charter flight is designed around you. Whether you stick to a specific diet or you want to indulge in some local cuisine, our gourmet caterers are on hand to provide a world-class dining experience. Request your favorite movies, games, or magazines to pass the time, and have your choice of luxury transport waiting for you on the ground.

Like Iron Maiden, you can make an impression by having your private jet customized inside and out. Menus, headrests, decor, entertainment systems, and even flight attendant uniforms can be styled to reflect your brand. On your flight, it’s all about you.

Guaranteed safe travel

Nothing is more important to us than your safety. We work exclusively with FAA-certified, third-party audited aircraft and crew, and we have some of the strictest safety criteria in the industry. In addition to mandated third-party safety checks, we perform our own rigorous audits before every single flight.

Private jet charters you can rely on

Seamless Travel for Entertainers

Focus on your show while we focus on your seamless travel arrangements

Wouldn’t it be a weight off your mind to simply show up and fly, knowing that every detail has already been taken care of? To sit back and unwind in the comfort of your own private jet, knowing that everyone and everything you need is right there with you? With a Paramount group jet charter, this is exactly what you get.

As the most reliable entertainment and music flight charter in the industry, we’ll always get you to the show on time. We plan meticulously, execute flawlessly, and leave nothing to chance. We even have a quality back-up aircraft on hand until the moment you land.

Your dedicated personal flight manager will take care of every detail, from the choice of aircraft to the newspaper waiting for you on-board. Your flight team will be available 24/7 to handle requests, queries, and changes at a moment’s notice. Simply tell us what you need and consider it done.

The Paramount Business Jets service includes:

  • Your own dedicated private aviation consultant to look after all details relating to your flight
  • A choice of aircraft of all sizes and configurations, specifically configured for diplomatic usage
  • Exclusive, private use of your aircraft
  • Full ground management as per your requirements
  • Schedules and timings as specified by you
  • Private, discreet check-in facilities
  • On-board services as per your requirements
  • No baggage restrictions (apart from those demanded by aviation law)

We know that in the entertainment industry, you can’t take chances with security. To deliver the safest entertainment charter service possible, we work with elite agencies worldwide to provide threat assessments, monitoring, personal guards, secure transportation and more. Discretion is guaranteed at all times and we go to great lengths to protect your privacy.

Experience why Paramount Business Jets is the entertainment world’s private jet charter of choice. Contact us for a customized entertainer and music group jet charter proposal.

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