Paramount's Charter Operator's Bill of Rights

The Charter Operator's Bill of Rights is created to acknowledge the appreciation and cooperative spirit between the Charter Broker and the Charter Operator. It affirms the Charter Broker’s commitment to both the Charter Operators, and the end user, which is to continue to build both of our global reputations through transparent ethical business practices that ensures corporate accountability, relentless leadership, and unsurpassed customer service in every aspect of our operations. It also acknowledges the important role that Charter Operator’s provide to the aviation industry.

We Acknowledge:

We appreciate your professionalism and commitment

  • The level of commitment made by Charter Operators to provide excellent service to our clients.
  • The time, effort, resources, dedication, and costs associated with building and maintaining a charter operation.
  • The value of the members of the operator's staff, including their charter departments, dispatch, and customer specialists, all with years of training and experience, and that their time should never be wasted.
  • That Charter Operators focus their resources on quality and safety first for their aircraft, crew, and passengers, while meeting the requirements of government regulations.
  • That Operator's understand the cost of performing any mission, and need to cover those costs to include providing a revenue stream for owners, and the Part 121 or Part 135 operator.

We Promise:

We cherish our relationships with operators.

  • To conduct all of our business dealings with operators in only the highest level of professionalism.
  • To only bring qualified, pre-approved, and legitimate trips to the Charter Operator.
  • To only negotiate reasonable price reductions in accordance with industry standards, and not below.
  • To be completely transparent in our business dealings with Charter Operators.
  • To build relationships with Charter Operators based on honesty, teamwork, and communication, in an effort to provide the best service possible for the end user.
  • To reward quality and value in customer service with repeat business, and to always maintain a fair business relationship.
  • To provide expert and expedited assistance 24/7 each and every time an operator needs help in locating aircraft to back up the operator's fleet, at a low fair and fixed management fee above true wholesale, and transparent pricing to include the broker's discount, and any other discount negotiated for on the operator's behalf.