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Business Jet Charter

Business Air Charter Services

Many businesses require air travel to conduct their activities, and a significant portion of their success depends on the reliability of the aircraft operators they hire. Fortunately for our clients, Paramount Business Jets operates daily within a culture of safety and transparency. Our in-house safety manager oversees safety checks to ensure our operators are meeting and exceeding FAA and third-party safety party’s minimum safety requirements. We provide an additional set of eyes on the operator, aircraft, and crew to help Increase your margin of safety.

Additionally, we believe in making everything about our operators transparent to our clients, from the age and safety ratings of our aircraft to safety minimums and crew experience or lack of experience. We represent only our client's interest and are not partial to any specific operator. It is in these areas that Paramount distinguishes itself from our competitors.

Since 2005, we’ve been helping businesses not only get where they’re going but arrive there on time and in optimum comfort and style. Executives who fly with Paramount tend to disembark feeling relaxed, well-rested, and ready to take on the day’s challenges. Our concierge service organizes ground support and Inflight catering to ensure you and your colleagues have everything you need to arrive fresh and ready to get to business.

Business Jet Charters are Personalized Success

Employing business jet charter services from Paramount Business Jets presents your company with everything you need to make your next corporate trip a success. The best part is the fact that all of our five-star services are based on the choices you make yourself from our available options. From aircraft type to departure times, it’s all up to you.

Choosing Your Aircraft

At Paramount Business Jets, we are proud of the network of more than 4,000 hand-picked private aircraft that we offer clients. You can browse the Paramount selection to find the right category and types of private jets for your business’s requirements. If you would like to discuss what type of jets might be right for you or are available, call us at +1-877-727-2538 to review the perfect aircraft options.

Light Jets

As their name suggests, light jets are quick, efficient, and perfect for flying with light cargo and up to 6 passengers. If your trip consists of traveling a relatively short or medium distance, this option may be for you. Light jets such as the Beechjet 400A, Citation Bravo, or Citation CJ1+ are capable of cruising up to 440 miles per hour for about 1,500 miles nonstop and can utilize small airports when taking off and landing.

Intermingling with the excellent economy of a light jet is the traditional luxury our customers have come to expect of Paramount Business Jets. Most light jets feature private or semi-private lavatories with a cabin height of around 4 feet 8 inches. With Paramount, you never have to sacrifice comfort for economy. It’s all right here in a light jet, just smaller as the category suggests.

Midsize Jets

Of course, not every business trip will be an excursion in efficiency. For medium-sized groups, 7 to 8 passengers, or for those executives who want more room to stretch out or carry more luggage, Paramount offers a range of midsize jets such as the Hawker 800XP, Challenger 300 or Citation X. These planes offer passengers a decent mix of economy and luxury.

With external baggage storage compartments, a full-sized private restroom, and a flight range of about 2,100 miles, midsize jets require a bit more in operating costs but can still fly into and out of small airports. All in all, these midsize business jets will likely deliver the best executive jet charter flight experiences while delivering the greatest value for the dollar.

Large Jets

Located near the high end of the aircraft scale are large jets, which are ideal for the task of transporting business groups of 10 to 14 passengers in the pinnacle of performance and in-flight luxury. Large jets such as the Challenger 605, Gulfstream G450 of the Global 5000 are built for long trips, traveling up to 530 miles per hour for maximum distances of approximately 4,000 miles.

Your team can enjoy their long flight with the home comforts of a private lavatory, full-sized galley, extra baggage storage, satellite phone, fax machine, televisions, and gourmet dining services offered by up to 2 hospitable in-flight hostesses. If your business group requires the room, or if you want to travel amid the best in aircraft performance and amenities, you’ll want to secure a large business jet charter for your business jet travel.

Other types of aircraft we offer include very light jets, super light jets, super midsize jets, turboprop planes, ultra long range jets, and VIP airliners.

Clients can choose any of these aircraft categories on a per-trip basis. We believe this wide selection of aircraft is one of Paramount’s greatest strengths as a private jet charter company.

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Try our private jet rental cost tool to review price estimates of charter flights to and from any destination in the world, on any size aircraft. Instantly compare charter prices among various private jet categories for the same routings.

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Why Hire with Paramount Business Jets

In the end, you must decide what is most important to you when shopping for a ​business jet charter. At Paramount Business Jets, we know that our clients, particularly our business travelers, appreciate the convenience, reliability, transparency, and choices we offer as part of our private jet charter services. Aircraft, airports, departure times, and in-flight amenities are all up to you when you fly with us.

As we operate internationally, Paramount Business Jets is happy to transport you and your business party to nearly any destination worldwide. We offer the best rates of any private jet company when it comes to flying transcontinental or overseas. You know that when you charter a private business plane with Paramount, you are receiving the greatest cost savings and most diverse aircraft choices. And, of course, with our total commitment to safety and transparency, we are the most sensible choice when it comes to choosing your private jet brokers.

Our range of options at the fingertips of business travelers everywhere is what makes Paramount Business Jets the number one choice for your next business jet charter.

Questions about what’s available to you? Call us at +1-877-727-2538 to discuss the possibilities and charter your business jet.

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