If you’ve already read our article, The Private Jet Card: What Is It, and What Are the Benefits?, you know what a jet card can offer frequent private flyers. Perhaps you’re now ready to purchase your first private jet card. Before you do, read our tips for finding the best private jet card programs for you.

Five Tips for Finding the Right Private Jet Card Membership

Purchasing your first private jet card can seem complicated. You certainly need to read the terms and conditions carefully. But having a clear idea of what you need from your private jet card can make it easier. 

Think About Your Future Flight Requirements
When you’re considering which private jet card is best for you, you may be thinking about flights you’ve taken in the past year or two. Stop! Think about the future instead. Do you expect to be flying more or less? Will you be flying to different destinations than you’ve visited before? Are you likely to be taking more colleagues or family members with you, requiring larger planes? Do you plan to have more meetings in the air, or wine and dine clients while you’re airborne? 

Choose the jet card that’s right for the flights you plan to take—not the flights you’ve already taken.

Consider the Cost—in Context
You may have a budget in mind. But when you do jet card comparisons, ensure you consider the costs in context. What are you getting for your money? A cheaper card may have many more limitations, which could prove inconvenient. Think about the safety measures, whether are you receiving a safety report prior to each and every flight, your own personal aviation consultant, the services offered, a curated list of the aircraft, and what’s included in the price. Cost is not the same as value!  

Do the Services Suit Your Flying Needs?
The services you will get from different private jet card memberships varies substantially. Three aspects to check carefully are cancellation policies, call out times and area coverage. Can you fly globally, or are you restricted? What penalties are there if you cancel a flight? How far in advance must you cancel to avoid penalties? 
Call out times can vary from a few hours to a few days. If you often book same-day flights, then memberships with a three-day call out time are not the best private jet card programs for you!

Is the Company’s Aircraft Fleet—and the Aircraft Available to You—Right for You?
Does the private jet card you’re considering give you access to the aircraft you need and want? Some private jet card memberships are category-specific. Think about the speed, range, amenities and passenger capacity you will require, especially if this varies.  There’s little point in having pre-paid access to a fleet or an aircraft class that doesn’t include the plane types in which you want to fly. 

Check for Additional Fees and Expiration Dates

Many jet cards have an hourly rate, but there are often costs beyond this. There may be a registration fee, an annual or monthly membership fee, out of service area fees, and mandatory Federal Excise Tax if it’s not included in trip quotes. 

If the private jet card membership is category-specific, chartering a plane in a different category usually incurs a fee. Some jet cards also have an expiry date. If you haven’t made good use of your card before expiry, you will often lose unused flight time or deposited funds.

Private Jet Card Programs: Pause Before You Purchase!

Before purchasing a private jet card, always check that:

  • a private jet card, rather than chartering-as-you-go, is the right option for you (if you have a registered, reliable broker you’re already using, they should be able to advise you on this)

  • you’ve carefully considered your future private flight needs

  • you’re aware of all the terms, conditions and fees for the private jet card you’re considering.

The best private jet card programs for you will offer both the services and level of flexibility you need. Look out for private jet card memberships that offer more convenience and better value than your current flight-by-flight bookings. If they don’t—are they worth purchasing?!

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