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The Paramount Business Jets Aviation Scholarship

At Paramount Business Jets, we believe that every company should bring value to the community it is a part of. We are fortunate enough to have a global group of ethically-minded individuals who focus on excellence and safety within the private aviation industry. Here at PBJ, we are eager to accomplish what our clients and those around us need, seeking opportunities to give back to the community we call ours. Many of our efforts focus on paying forward the support we receive from our industry, using our resources to empower the next generation of aviation professionals.

PBJ understands the financial burden aviation students often face with training and educational costs. This scholarship was created to alleviate some of that pressure and help students focus on being the best aviation experts they can be, keeping safety as #1.

Scholarship Details and Requirements

Awarded to three individuals for Spring 2021, up to $1,250.00 each.

This is a yearly scholarship award. Students from all over the world are welcome to apply.

Required Items:

  • Must be a current aviation student at a university, college, or flight training program
  • Copy of applicant's transcript or current pilot license/flight hours
  • Answer the following question in essay format (maximum 500 words):

    What specific improvements do you think should take place within the Aviation industry over the next 20 years to become more sustainable and efficient?

  • Submission Deadline: POSTPONED
    - Submissions received will be applied towards possible future scholarship opportunities. You may submit your essays year round.

PBJ will determine the winner by the applicants who present the most creative and useful ideas in their essay submission.

Submit Your Application Below

By submitting this application, you give permission to Paramount Business Jets to use your essay submission for any marketing purposes such as displaying the winning entries on our website, social media channels, advertisements, press releases, and any other marketing channels we may use to promote this scholarship opportunity in the future. You will be credited as the author of the essay whenever we use your essay.

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