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VIP Airliners
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Charter Luxury VIP Airliners

VIP Airliner
16 - 50
Range (nm)
3,800 - 6,100
Hourly Rate
$16,000 - $23,000

Popular VIP Airliners

Name Typical Seating Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Cabin Height (ft)
Airbus ACJ318 19 4,200 485 7.40
Airbus ACJ319 19 6,100 459 7.38
Airbus ACJ320 19 4,950 485 7.33
Boeing Business Jet 19 5,985 469 7.09
Boeing Business Jet 2 24 4,750 470 7.00
Boeing Business Jet 3 24 4,225 470 7.00
Lineage 1000 14 4,500 470 6.56
Boeing 777-200LR VIP 10,000 550 7.22

The ultimate in convenience, luxury and comfort, VIP Airliners such as the Boeing BBJ offers private jet clients with an unparalleled array of choices for in-flight comfort, convenience and luxury. Your home in the sky, super-large aircraft can carry anywhere from 15-30 passengers depending on the interior configuration and all have ample room for luggage, oversized items and even limited cargo. Comparable to most airliner charter aircraft, VIP Airliners can cover routes not able to be covered by their smaller counterparts and are frequently used for long-haul and international flights. They are not designed for shorter routes as their operating costs are considerably higher. Conveniences such as cabin attendants, sleeper beds, cabins, private suites and even showers are but a few of the luxuries these aircraft have to offer. Learn More.

Common Routes: New York to Dubai, Atlanta to London, Paris to Istanbul

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More About VIP Airliners

Luxury, business, corporate and/or urgent or time-sensitive airliner charters often require large aircraft with long-range capabilities. Unfortunately, small business jets and turbo prop aircraft are unable to meet the needs of these unique itineraries and therefore airliner aircraft are normally utilized for these highly specialized charters.

Highest Levels of Safety, Service, and Comfort

Highest Levels of Safety, Service and Comfort

In addition to extended range and higher passenger capacities, luxury airliner aircraft are available in a variety of different variants such as business class configuration with a few executive seats, to luxury executive versions with few seats but numerous luxury amenities. These versatile aircraft enable principles to undertake extensive tours in complete comfort, security and privacy.

Furthermore, most airliner aircraft are outfitted with state of the art telecommunications equipment such as fax machines, telephones and internet access in order to enhance in-flight business productivity. Most luxury airliners also include cabin service with hot meals, hot beverages and a bar. As a standard, a wide range of entertainment options are included on all airliner flights such as video / DVD systems for in-flight entertainment and some larger aircraft are even fitted with 'staterooms' which include beds and showers.

Due to the layout of some of these airliners, they allow for meetings to continue during flight and/or the aircraft can also be used as a conference facility for presentations or press conferences on the ground at each destination visited. Alternatively if a large number of passengers are traveling, they can be configured to enable a larger group to accomplish a long-range trip within a short period of time and rest comfortably en-route. Our unique and extensive worldwide network of approved airline and/or airliner operators and aircraft ensures that you and your passengers experience only the highest levels of safety, service and comfort aboard any airliner charter flight with us.

Custom Inflight Catering and Services

Epicurean Gourmet In-flight Catering Services

Lead by our Flight Safety Manager, every flight undergoes multiple safety checks requiring the operator, aircraft and crew to meet the most stringent safety standards in the industry. Your personal flight advisor and concierge team will be with you every step of the way from inception to touchdown, making sure all your needs and expectations are personalized and exceeded.

From in-flight gourmet catering and in-flight entertainment to elite ground transportation, pre-flight and post-flight experience to the red carpet and expedited boarding to arriving at the closest airport to your destination, every detail of your flight is tailored for you. For multi-leg flights and large group charters, a member of our VIP Concierge Team will arrive ahead of time at the airport and may fly with the group to ensure the most comfortable and superior experience.

With over a decade of air charter experience and over 100 years of combined aviation experience you can be sure you are in good hands. We will go the extra mile to ensure your success at every turn.

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