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General Dynamics Convair Liner Private Charter Flights and Prices

A re-engined model of the earlier CV series, the General Dynamics Convair Liner was first delivered in May 1960, incorporating a higher speed than the earlier Convair series by about 60 mph and a larger range by about 800 statue miles. The General Dynamics Convair Liner can meet every need of up to 55 passengers.

The average hourly rental rate of the General Dynamics Convair Liner is around 4,500 USD per hour.

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Aircraft Size

General Dynamics Convair Liner Exterior
Aircraft Size English Metric
Length 95.73 ft 29.18 m
Wing Span 105.31 ft 32.10 m
Height 28.15 ft 8.58 m
Bag. Capacity 3,096 ft³ 88 m³

Cabin Size

General Dynamics Convair Liner Interior
Cabin Size English Metric
Length 68.24 ft 20.80 m
Width 9.74 ft 2.97 m
Height 6.43 ft 1.96 m
Area 4,276 ft³ 121 m³

Aircraft Seats

Layout Seats
Max Seating 55
Typical Seating 55
Pilots 2

Average Prices

Purchase New - -
Purchase Used - -
Charter Rate 4,500 USD/hour 4,500 EUR/hour

Performance Specifications

Performance English Metric
IFR Range 1,103 nm 2,043 km
Cruise Speed 300 KTAS 556 km/h
Certified Ceiling - ft - m
Rate of Climb 4,000 ft/m 1,219 m/m
Takeoff Distance 4,100 ft 1,250 m
Landing Distance -ft - m
Max Takeoff Weight 63,000 lbs 28,576 kg
Max Landing Weight 58,000 lbs 26,308 kg
Useful Weight 8,000 lbs 3,629 kg
Payload with Full Fuel - lbs - kg

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