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Luxury, business, corporate and/or urgent or time-sensitive airliner charters often require large aircraft with long-range capabilities. Unfortunately, small business jets and turbo prop aircraft are unable to meet the needs of these unique itineraries and therefore airliner aircraft are normally utilized for these highly specialized charters.

Boeing Business Jet

Highest levels of safety, service and comfort.

Airliner aircraft are very distinct from regular business jets and/or smaller aircraft. Airliner aircraft typically have an empty weight of above 22,680 kg (50,000 lb.) and generally have two or more engines. The largest airliners are known as wide-body aircraft jets and are frequently called twin-aisle aircraft due to the fact that they have two separate aisles running from the front to the back of the passenger cabin. Some examples of aircraft in this category are the Airbus A300B4 and the Boeing 767. Some of the single aisle airliners are the Airbus A320, Boeing 757, British Aerospace BAE-146, Canadair Regional Jet and the McDonnell Douglas Executive. Aircraft such as these are usually used for long-haul flights and most have extended range capabilities.

In addition to extended range and higher passenger capacities, airliner aircraft are available in a variety of different variants such as a regular airline configuration with hundreds of seats, to luxury executive versions with few seats but numerous luxury amenities. Paramount Business Jets is proud to be able to offer a diverse range of airliner aircraft ranging from medical evacuation aircraft to ultra luxurious wide body aircraft featuring VIP seating, cabins and on-board state rooms. Some charter airliners can even be modified for government use as VIP transports and for military uses such as airborne tankers, air ambulances, reconnaissance, and troop-carrying functions.


Custom Inflight Catering and Services

These versatile aircraft enable principles to undertake extensive tours in complete comfort, security and privacy. Furthermore, most airliner aircraft are outfitted with state of the art telecommunications equipment such as fax machines, telephones and internet access in order to enhance in-flight business productivity. Most luxury airliners also include cabin service with hot meals, hot beverages and a bar. As a standard, a wide range of entertainment options are included on all airliner flights such as video / DVD systems for in-flight entertainment and some larger aircraft are even fitted with 'staterooms' which include beds and showers.

In addition, due to the layout of some of these airliners, they allow for meetings to continue during flight and/or the aircraft can also be used as a conference facility for presentations or press conferences on the ground at each destination visited. Alternatively if a large number of passengers are traveling, they can be configured to enable a larger group to accomplish a long-range trip within a short period of time and rest comfortably en-route. Our unique and extensive worldwide network of approved airline and/or airliner operators ensures that you and your passengers experience only the highest levels of safety, service and comfort aboard any airliner charter flight with us. In addition to our in-flight gourmet catering, our elite ground transportation options are designed to perfectly supplement your flight and include an extensive range of elite sedans, traditional limousines, hummer limousines, exotic cars, motorcycles and more to help you further meet your travel needs.

Sample Airliners

737-300 VIP
YOM 1996 – Max Pax 44
737-300 VIP
Fokker 100 VIP
YOM 1992 – Max Pax 19
Fokker 100 VIP
YOM 1991- Max Pax 60
Embraer Lineage 1000
YOM 2010 – 19 Pax
Embraer Lineage 1000
Airbus 319
YOM 2005 – Max Pax 19
Airbus A319
Boeing Business Jet
YOM 2001- Max Pax 52
Boeing Business Jet
Boeing Business Jet
YOM 1999 – Max Pax 28
Boeing Business Jet
Boeing Business Jet
YOM 1999 – Max Pax 46
Boeing Business Jet
Category (30) Name Max Pax Range (sm) Lavatory
Jet Airliner Airbus A300B4 318 3600 Full
Jet Airliner Airbus A330-200 295 7768 Full
Jet Airliner Airbus A340-200 261 8573 Full
Jet Airliner Airbus A380 853 9206 Full
Jet Airliner AVRO RJ70 VIP 26 1808 Full
Jet Airliner AVRO RJ85 80 1841 Full
Jet Airliner BAE 146 92 1570 Full
Jet Airliner Boeing 727-200 189 3107 Full
Jet Airliner Boeing 737-200 130 2300 Full
Jet Airliner Boeing 737-400 173 2400 Full
Jet Airliner Boeing 737-700 149 3800 Full
Jet Airliner Boeing 737-800 160 4603 Full
Jet Airliner Boeing 747-400 660 9644 Full
Jet Airliner Boeing 757 219 3910 Full
Jet Airliner Boeing 767 326 5040 Full
Jet Airliner Boeing 777-300 550 6919 Full
Jet Airliner Bombardier CRJ-100 50 1956 Full
Jet Airliner Bombardier CRJ-200 50 1956 Full
Jet Airliner British Aircraft Corporation One-Eleven 120 1400 Full
Jet Airliner Canadair Regional Jet 70 1850 Full
Jet Airliner CL-65 70 1629 Full
Jet Airliner Dornier DO-328-300 33 1700 Full
Jet Airliner Douglas DC-8 132 6278 Full
Jet Airliner Embraer ERJ 145 88 2302 Full
Jet Airliner Embraer ERJ 175 114 2647 Full
Jet Airliner Embraer ERJ 190 50 1784 Full
Jet Airliner Fokker 100 108 1150 Full
Jet Airliner McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30 115 1451 Full
Jet Airliner McDonnell Douglas MD-82 150 2257 Full
Jet Airliner McDonnell Douglas MD-83 170 1783 Full

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