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Lisboa Airport Private Jet Charter

Lisboa Airport Private Jet Charter Services

Paramount Business Jets offers private jet charter flights and luxury airliner charters to and from Lisboa Airport.

Lisbon Airport is among the most famous in Hollywood history for it was the destination of the plane that carried Ilsa away from Rick in the 1942 movie, “Casablanca.”

“Here’s looking at you kid,” were Humphrey Bogart’s famous words to Ingrid Bergman on the Moroccan tarmac on which her plane to Lisbon was being readied for takeoff.

(Not to spoil the romance surrounding Lisbon Airport but the movie was actually shot on a studio lot in Burbank. The few necessary airport shots were made at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles.)

Airport Aerial View

Aerial view of Humberto Delgado Airport. Picture Source.

Today, Lisbon’s Portela Airport, officially renamed Humberto Delgado Airport in 2016, is the busiest airport in Portugal and is the only Lisbon airport that can handle every size private jet. In fact, it is Portugal’s biggest private jet airport.

Many people charter private jets to Lisbon to do business in the country’s capital. Others rent private jets to Lisbon as tourists to see the colorful city, sip wines from nearby vineyards or gobble sardines and other famed Portuguese tin-canned fish.

Airport Information for Lisboa Airport (LPPT, LIS)

LOCATIONLisbon (Lisboa), Portugal
Runway Length (ft) Width (ft) Surface Type Elevation (ft)
21/03 12484 148 ASP 374
35/17 7874 148 ASP 374

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What is the airport code for Lisbon International Portela Airport?

The ICAO code for Lisbon Airport is LPPT and its IATA code is LIS.

About Lisbon Airport

Even though the airport that lies less than four miles north of the center of Lisbon is commonly called Lisbon Airport, it actually has another name.

In May 2016, the Portuguese government renamed Lisbon International Portela Airport Humberto Delgado Airport, in honor of the late Portuguese politician and air force general.

Delgado, who was an opposition leader against the fascist dictatorship of António de Oliveira Salazar, played an important role in Portugal’s aviation history. He was the founder of the country’s first airline, TAP Air Portugal. Delgado, who died in 1965, would have been 110 years old in 2016 when the airport was named after him. Delgado was known as the General without Fear for his staunch opposition to Salazar, who was prime minister of Portugal from 1932-1968.

Its prime location puts Humberto Delgado Airport within easy reach of the city, its hotels and its financial and commercial center.

Lisbon is not only the capital of Portugal, it is the country’s largest city.

Located on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the Tagus River, Lisbon is the westernmost capital in Europe.

Like Rome, it is surrounded by seven hills, giving it its nickname, the City of Seven Hills – or maybe eight, if you count Graça, the highest one in the city, shadowed by São Jorge's Castle. Perhaps the eighth hill was forgotten or overlooked – so as not to make Lisbon seem mightier than Rome -- in the 17th century when the seven hills were identified: São Jorge, São Vicente, São Roque, Santo André, Santa Catarina, Chagas e Sant’Ana.

Lisbon airport opened in 1942 during the World War II when it was used by Germans as well as British airlines and acted as hub, in the neutral country, for smuggling people in and out of Europe – as reflected in the plot of “Casablanca.”

The airport has grown and been modernized since then. There were even plans to relocate but they were scrapped in 2007 when the city realized the airport was situated in the best location possible.

FBOs at Lisbon Airport

Omni Handling

Omni Handling at LPPT

Omni Handling at LPPT.

Lisbon is one of Omni Handling’s five fixed base operations locations. The others are Cascais, Oporto, Faro and Cape Verde.

They provide services for private jets 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The executive terminal, which is modern and bright, was recently refurbished to improve its comfort for clients.

The money put into remodeling, the company said, is just part of its plans to better serve passengers and crew. Amenities include:

  • Aircraft cleaning (inside and outside)
  • Airport slot coordination
  • Arrangements for helicopter transfer services
  • ATC slots
  • Baggage carts
  • Baggage loader
  • Catering
  • Crew lounge with satellite tv and complimentary bar
  • Customs and immigration clearance at aircraft
  • Direct link with eurocontrol
  • Domestic and international handling
  • Executive terminal
  • FPL, computerized flight plan
  • Full weather services
  • Ground power services
  • Limousine bookings
  • Maintenance services
  • Nitrogen/oxygen
  • Passenger and crew transportation to and from main terminals
  • Passenger lounge
  • Private business center
  • Trash and toilet services
  • TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Worldwide operations, landing permission and handling requests

Safeport Executive

Safeport Executive FBO at LPPT

Safeport Executive FBO at LPPT. Picture Source.

Safeport Executive said its 20 years of experience handling top executives, heads of state, politicians, movie stars and music and sports celebrities is proof that it is able to handle and provide excellent service to the most demanding customers on private jets.

Lisbon Airport is one of its six locations. In 2018, Safeport, a company dedicated to the support and handling of all ground services for business jets, and MESA, an engineering and maintenance company, developed a new space dedicated and designed to meet even the most diverse needs of business jets, whether they are customer owned or chartered private jets into Lisbon.

The Business Jets Care facilities are aimed for executive aviation in Portugal.

Safeport says its employees are specialized individuals who can give technical support and luxurious surroundings for all private jet passengers and crew whether on domestic or international flights. Although the lounge is prepared for business, it also serves as a relaxing place for leisure activities.

Amenities include:

  • Air ambulance assistance
  • Aircraft cleaning
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Arrival and departure baggage services
  • Catering arrangements
  • Crew transportation
  • Customs and immigration
  • Domestic and international handling
  • Engine related repairs
  • Fast turnaround, technical or fuel stops
  • Fueling
  • Hotel & restaurant reservation
  • Interior and exterior aircraft cleaning
  • Line/base maintenance services
  • Luxury lounge
  • Meeting room
  • Passenger and crew assistance
  • Security services
  • Showers
  • Transport bookings
  • Troubleshooting
  • Weather & NOTAM
  • Wi-Fi

Sky Valet

Sky Valet Lisbon is the first and only FBO in Portugal to achieve the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handlers (IS-BAH) certification.

To get the certification, Sky Valet had to show that it meets demanding ground handling criterial when servicing any private jet stopover in Lisbon. It shows best practices in the fields of safety, security and the environment.

The certification is part of Sky Valet’s growth plan to have an entire pan-European FBO network.

In 2016, it acquired JetBase, which, at the time, was Portugal’s leading FBO network.

In 2018, it acquired Gestair, a Spanish FBO network.

Sky Valet has FBO locations at airports in Barcelona, Cannes Mandelieu, Coruña, Girona, Ibiza, Madrid, Palma de Majorca, Paris-Le Bourget, Saint-Tropez, Santiago de Compostela and Valencia.

It also publishes -- in English, French and Russian-- Private SKIES, a magazine focusing on luxury and air travel. It is a free bi-annual magazine that is available at any Sky Valet FBO. It includes information about the opening of new facilities, new shops and new services and also stories about art, aviation, food and tourism.

Sky Valet amenities include:

  • 2 VIP crew lounges
  • 2 meeting rooms
  • Crew room
  • Flight preparation office
  • Transport for crews and their luggage
  • Wi-Fi

Why charter a private jet to LIS?

Lisbon, the charming seaside city with colorful buildings and beautiful surroundings, has several festivals throughout the year but none as big and fun as the Festas dos Santos Populares, or the “Popular Saints Festival.”

Every June, many elite travelers rent private jets into Lisbon Airport to celebrate the feast days of popular saints, Saint Anthony (who was born in Lisbon and is the city’s patron saint), Saint John and Saint Peter. The Feast of St. Anthony is also called the Sardine Festival.

Colorful parades, singing and dancing fill even the back streets of Lisbon for two weeks in the summer.

Perhaps the highlight of the festivities is the Procession of St. Anthony, which leaves on June 13 from the cathedral where the saint was born in 1193.

FBOs and Handlers at Lisboa Airport, LPPT, LIS

Safeport  EDIFICIO C1 HANGAR 7  (351) 210-8460   
Paukner Services    (351) 218-1864   
Tec - Top Executive Centre    (351) 218-3717   
United Aviation Services (Uas)    (351) 218-5119   
Top Executive Centre    (351) 218-5980   
Ogden Aviation Services Ltd    (351) 218-6364   
Portugal Tourist Services    (351) 218-9011   
Heliavia    (351) 218-9290   
Jetbase  Aeroporto de Lisboa, 1704-801 Lisboa  +351 211 997 249   

METAR Weather Data at Lisboa Airport, LPPT, LIS

OBSERVEDMon May 23, 10:30 UTC
NOWMon May 23, 10:50 UTC
AGE20 min ago
WINDNNW at 15 mph
CLOUDSscattered clouds
TEMP68°F (20°C)
DEWPT55°F (13°C)
BAROMETER1016 hPa (30 in Hg)
METARLPPT 231030Z 34013KT 290V360 9999 SCT023 20/13 Q1016

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