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Private Jet Charter

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Private Air Charter Service

Welcome to the new generation of private jet travel.

At Paramount Business Jets, we pride ourselves on delivering a personalized private jet charter experience like no other.

Choose from a wide range of private jet charter services available to and from any city in the world on any size aircraft.

From Turboprops and Very Light Jets for short flights to Large and Ultra Long Range Jets for cross country or transcontinental flights, we accommodate all trips with utmost style, safety and comfort.

Choose from a wide range of private jet charter services offerred by Paramount Business Jets. Enjoy the flexibility to choose the ideal aircraft on a per trip basis.

With one phone call you can receive assistance from an expert Aviation Consultant representing your interest in the market and taking care of every detail of your trip for you.

Top 3 Advantages of On-Demand Charter Services

Extraordinary Service

Lady in a Luxury Jet

Private jet travel designed around you.

Each and every flight is planned with meticulous attention to your needs and preferences.

Your dedicated 24/7 Personal Flight Team ensures that no detail is overlooked, from timed ramp service to red carpet access to your chartered aircraft. Even the table onboard will be set with your favorite beverage and newspaper waiting for you. Even the table onboard will be set with your favorite beverage and newspaper waiting for you. We offer the ultimate in white glove service.

Unrivalled Safety

Not only is Paramount Business Jets one of the most cost-effective private jet charter services; we’re also one of the safest. We work exclusively with FAA (or foreign equivalent) certified aircraft and crew.

In addition to third-party safety checks, PBJ performs our own strict safety checks prior to every flight. We review everything from safety ratings and client feedback to insurance and operating certificates, ensuring our clients receive the safest and most pleasant travel experience.

Superior Expertise

We are the experts in chartering private jets! Our highly experienced team of specialists range from aviation and aeronautical graduates, to commercial pilots with thousands of flight hours, offering our clients more than 100 years of combined aviation experience between them.

With access to an extensive preferred global network, we understand the finer points of international travel. Permits, timing, ground handling, customs, flight taxes, crew duty, political considerations, ramp access and a myriad of other considerations – no detail is overlooked.

On Demand Charter Flights are the Best Choice for you if you Prefer:

  1. Aircraft flexibility on a per trip basis
  2. Pay only when you fly, on a per trip basis
  3. Reliable back up for your flight department or jet card
  4. Use of multiple aircraft on the same day
  5. Travel to multiple locations on the same day

We look forward to having you fly the Paramount Business Jets way.

How It Works:

Contact us
Contact Us on +1-877-727-2538 Call us to reach our Aviation Consultants or plan your flight online. We will determine the ideal aircraft based on your specific needs to include aircraft size, origin, final destination, and any special requests.
Compare aircraft
Compare Aircraft Review and choose from available aircraft options. Determine the best value in the market based on safety ratings, year of make, refurbishment date, client reviews and your preferences.
Pay for your flight
Trip Details Our Trip Support department will reach out to you customize your experience. From ground transportation to inflight catering and special requests, our service is VIP and personalized from door to door.
Have a great flight!
Bon Voyage Use our simple booking service and conveniently pay for your trip. Our quotes are all-inclusive and there are no hidden fees or surprises. We will flight-follow your trip and be only a click away. Have a great flight!

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1. How much does it cost to charter a jet?

Private jet charter prices vary based on the aircraft size, hourly rates, duration of the trip, as well as many other factors. Learn More.

2. How much luggage can I bring on a private jet?

As a general rule of the thumb each seat on a private jet can represent one large 23KG bag and 1 soft carry on. Learn more.

3. Do private jets come with Wi-Fi and is there additional cost?

Most private jets in the USA do have Wi-Fi and the charges for usage are free for domestic flights. However when flying international the fees can become expensive. Learn more.

4. When Is On-Demand Charter better than buying a block of hours?

On-Demand Charter offers lower rates than block hours and more aircraft flexibility. Learn more.

5. Can I place a special food order to be available in-flight?

Yes, you can make a special order. Standard snacks and drinks are always available on-board. Our staff can also provide you with local menus to choose from. Learn more.

Third-Party Verified Reviews


That was by far the most exceptional flight I've ever had with any broker. Handling was waiting patiently kerbside and recognized me immediately, fawned over my cats…

A remarkably smooth transition through a very crowded airport and chaotic security checks.

The crew was superb, so accommodating, and the food….INSANE! The hostess had begun interviewing caterers on Wednesday to get the perfect meal. How could gluten-free vegetarian be SO sublime? Even the green salad was epicurean.

This was phenomenal and the plane was only a year old. What a success!

Robin, Switzerland

The flight was flawless! The pilots were great and very professional.

Thank you for making this happen.


Chris, USA

Thank you so much for all of your assistance in securing this flight for us. I sincerely appreciate it.

You’ve been so great to work with, keeping me informed, etc. You have no idea how much I appreciate that. I’m so tired of having to write ten emails about logistical things and still not have my questions answered. It’s not been like that at all with you.

You’ve just been wonderful and I thank you!

Connie, USA

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