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Innovation and Educational Initiatives

Paramount Business Jets has always believed that education is the cornerstone of opportunity, and has proudly promoted educational excellence across the planet. As corporate citizens, Paramount Business Jets has created an internal responsibility to provide both education and opportunity to those who wish to pursue their ambitions in the field of aviation and the private jet charter industry.

Our aim, through all of our efforts, is to make a difference today by aiding in the creation of talented aviators and superior workforce for tomorrow. Through constant educational initiatives, we avidly seek and pursue new concepts and innovations in the private jet world. Paramount has developed a superior research and development team, subsequently producing a variety of innovative tools and projects that make strides to further satisfy the needs of our clientele and the aviation industry.

Private Jet Quoting System

Paramount’s Private Jet Quoting System is a simple and effective option for clients to access jet charter price quotes on an upcoming trip. After entering a few details based on the desired flight itinerary, the client instantly receives quotes on the largest selection of pre-approved aircraft available for private charter worldwide. In offering a "price match or beat guarantee", the Private Jet Quoting System is an easy tool for clients to utilize, ultimately revealing Paramount’s reputation of delivering the most cost effective private jet charter quotes in the industry.

Aircraft Database

Paramount is proud to acknowledge the development of one of the world’s most comprehensive online private jet charter resources, containing thousands of researched and developed pages. The aircraft sections include the largest selection of private jets for charter worldwide, displaying specifications and sample pictures of practically any private jet aircraft in world, ranging from turbo props, large jets, airliners, and chartered helicopters.

Aircraft Comparison

Paramount has developed a unique tool using our comprehensive private jet aircraft database to allow you to compare the performance and specifications of up to three private jets at once. The Aircraft Comparison Tool also rates the aircraft for each specification, so you can easily gauge which aircraft is the best among the three you're comparing, based on the criteria that is important to you.

Airport Proximity Tool

In combination with our Airport Database, Paramount has created an Airport Proximity Tool to help clientele pinpoint airports worldwide within 25, 50, 100, and 200 miles of their destination. With the use of Google Maps, clients can simply input a city, address, location or airport code and be instantly provided with every available airport and its distance from the destination, each being linked to the appropriate page in the Airport Database. The Airport Proximity Tool allows clients to easily locate the most efficient landing area for their travel.

Time and Distance Calculator

Paramount has developed a tool called the Time and Distance Calculator to provide necessary information for a specific route on one, easy to navigate page. The client inputs an origin city and a destination city, and is immediately relayed information on the estimated cost and time of travel based on each category of jet available. The Time and Distance Calculator is an extremely quick, easy and useful tool, offering another example of how Paramount’s commitment to education has resulted in a supplementary leap towards satisfied clientele.

Private Jet vs. Commercial Travel Cost Comparison Calculator

Paramount Business Jets is committed to relaying to clientele the advantages of Private Business Charter over commercial travel. Aside from savings in travel time and stress, Paramount created the Private Business Charter vs. Commercial Travel Cost Comparison Calculator to help clients compare the cost of a private jet charter to a commercial flight by providing a monetary or numerical value of the savings attributed to flying private. After entering a few details about the process, the client may be quickly made aware of the true savings which accompany private charter.

Airport Database

In order to satisfy one of our clientele’s most glaring needs, Paramount has researched and developed one of the largest airport databases, conveying information to clients on greater than 10,000 commercial and private airports worldwide. Paramount’s Airport Database is used to locate the nearest and most suitable airport for the client’s destination and form of travel by providing specifics on operation hours, runway lengths, airport management and Fixed Base Operation (FBO) contacts. The Airport Database is also equipped to provide information on International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Aviation Transportation Administration (IATA) airport codes.

Charter Glossary Booklet

Paramount is proud to provide access to our Charter Terms Guide, containing 214 entries which are used to offer translations, explanations and comments about both general aviation terms and specialist terms that are specific to the charter aviation community. The primary purpose of the Aviation Glossary is to aid the public in gathering a better understanding of this fascinating industry and consequently help in decision making regarding current and future air travel needs.

Commercial Space and Tourism Outlook and Possibilities

As one of the most innovative companies in the industry, Paramount is constantly seeking ideas to propel private jet travel to the next level. With the advent of faster motors and new technology, Paramount Business Jets is excited about the possibility of space tourism becoming part of the future of air travel. Paramount is currently researching the first stage of the revolutionary industry of Space Tourism. While research and testing continues, the necessary technology is growing closer to being able to extend private transportation’s reach beyond the Earth’s atmosphere and into space. It’s reasonable to believe that the once impossible notion of launching non-NASA certified Astronauts into space will become a reality.

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