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Corporate Culture and Values
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A Client-Centric Culture Based on Honesty, Integrity, and Fair Business Practices.

At Paramount, we work hard to foster a culture that serves our clients and our community to the best of our ability. Every single policy, procedure and protocol is inspired by customer-focused corporate values, which is why our clients trust us over any other private jet broker.

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A culture of ethics.

Paramount Business Jets was founded on ethical and fair business practices. We value relationships over profits, basing all decisions on the best interests of our clients and providing full access to invoices and safety reports.

A culture of safety.

Our extraordinary commitment to safety is woven into the very fabric of our business. We go far beyond industry safety requirements and work extensively with leading third-party specialists, earning us a reputation as one the safest providers in the industry. Find out more.

A culture of respect.

Our corporate philosophy is one of fair and equitable treatment for all. Whether dealing with clients, vendors, partners or each other, Paramount team members are expected to act with courtesy, decency and respect at all times.

A culture of quality.

We believe our clients deserve only the best. Using our innovative technology, insider relationships and industry experience, we hand-pick everything from the aircraft to the in-flight catering to guarantee unbeatable quality.

A culture of excellence.

At Paramount, we hold ourselves and our partners to incredibly high standards. We refuse to compromise on safety, quality and value, which is why we continue to exceed our clients’ expectations on each and every trip.

A culture of solutions.

We never shy away from a challenge, treating every hurdle as an opportunity to learn and grow. Our clients trust that whatever the problem, we’ll work tirelessly to develop a solution and deliver a flawless experience.

A culture of innovation.

Paramount’s superior research and development team is constantly seeking out new concepts and innovations in private jet travel. Search and comparison tools, databases and quoting systems are just some of our recent developments.

A culture of education.

Whether we’re helping our clients to make informed decisions, supporting our staff in their professional development or investing in education programs, we place a high value on learning. We actively encourage growth, innovation and brilliant ideas. Find out more.

A culture of community.

Paramount believes in giving back. We launched the PBJ Scholarship Fund to alleviate the burden of tuition debt for Embry-Riddle aviation students, and we also support a number of non-profits with extraordinary causes. Find out more.

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