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Astana Private Jet Charter
Astana Private Jet Charter
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Trusted Astana Jet Charter Company since 2005

Trusted Astana Jet Charter Service Since 2005

You may not be able to get to the fictional kingdom of Oz but Paramount Business Jets can arrange a flight for you into the modern-day Oz-like city of Astana, the capital of the former USSR republic of Kazakhstan. Surreal futuristic structures that jut up from the world’s largest steppe, a flat, unforested grassland are reminiscent of the Emerald City. Astana (formerly called Akmola) was built in 1997 when Kazakhstan’s capital was moved there from Almaty. There is only a handful of small villages within 700 miles of the city. The land-locked Kazakhstan, four times the size of Texas, is located in central Asia, northwest of China. Paramount Business jets can arrange flights into Astana International Airport (TSE) from Russian cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg; Istanbul, Turkey; or from wherever you happen to be flying. If you’d like to know more about the Paramount-arranged planes and flights available to Astana from any of Kazakhstan’s other 62 airports with paved runways or anywhere else, call, toll-free, +1-(877) 727-2538.

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  1. Astana Airport, UACC, TSE, Astana (Akmola), Kazakhstan

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Astana Weather

Current Conditions

Clear (measured at 03:45 PM UTC)
25°C, 77°F
0.0 mm
1012 mb
Cloud Cover:
10 km
Wind Speed:
9 mph, 15km/h
Wind Direction:
30° NNE

5-Day Forecast

 Jul 18Jul 19Jul 20Jul 21Jul 22
Blank Image Placeholder Partly cloudyPartly cloudyModerate or heavy rain showerModerate or heavy rain showerPatchy rain possible
Precipitation0.0 mm0.0 mm4.0 mm5.8 mm8.4 mm
Max Temp28 °C, 82 °F29 °C, 83 °F30 °C, 86 °F32 °C, 89 °F27 °C, 80 °F
Min Temp15 °C, 58 °F16 °C, 61 °F17 °C, 63 °F18 °C, 65 °F17 °C, 62 °F
Wind Direction19 ° NNE129 ° SE206 ° SSW274 ° W285 ° WNW
Wind Speed14 km/h, 9 m10 km/h, 6 m12 km/h, 8 m12 km/h, 8 m18 km/h, 11 m

Astana City Overview

Astana rose out of the grasslands much like Dubai rose out of the sea. In less than two decades, the modernistic city appeared on the skyline. Astana was a small town on the vast grasslands of Kazakhstan in 1997 when President Nursultan A. Nazarbayev moved the capital there from Almaty.

His transformation of the country has been so popular that he still rules, being re-elected in a landslide in April 2015. He convinced the International Exhibitions Bureau to hold Expo 2017, an International Specialized Exhibition, in Astana. The theme will be Future Energy, which is fitting to a city built with billions in oil profits in a country with vast fossil fuel reserves, copper, uranium and zinc. Businesses that extract the oil and minerals drive Kazakhstan’s economy.

Russian is the official language of Kazakhstan but more than half the population also speaks the native Qazaq. Seventy percent of the population is Muslim and 26 percent Christian (mostly Russian Orthodox).

Astana is a city of contrasts, from its temperature -- ranging from minus-40 F in the winter to 86 degrees F in the summer -- to its culture. Visitors can see the multi-story glass-and-granite Pyramid of Peace and Accord, which holds an opera house and has white doves on the windows to pay homage to peace. Yet, not far away, on the outskirts of the city, they can watch the savage equestrian sport of kokpar (known as buzkashi in Afghanistan), a polo game of sorts in which riders use bare hands instead of a mallet and pick up headless sheep or goats from the ground instead of whacking a ball. Instead of goal posts, there are caldrons in which riders deposit the carcasses, which must weigh at least 66 pounds. Each team has four riders who collide into and push each other, making it a violent contact sport. Kokpar is expected to be a star attraction at Expo 2017.

Another opera house, the opulent Astana Opera, which has a theater that seats 1,500, a ballet school and a museum, was designed by a group of international architects and opened in 2013. Its huge lobby is beige and red Italian marble in which hangs an almost two-ton glass chandelier. The building, a mix of Greco-Roman and Baroque architecture, is another in a series of government buildings and monuments envisioned by Nazarbayev and built with government money. Yet, not far away, atop a hill, sits the Gulag Memorial. It was built in honor of the women imprisoned in gulags of the former Soviet Union because they were married to men considered traitors.

Astana, one of the busiest construction sites in the world, is projected to grow significantly by 2030. And it won’t be all city. Visitors will also see parks and forests along the skyline. The city’s long-range plan calls for 185,000 acres of trees to be planted.

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