Warm Caribbean VIP Escapes by Private Jet

by Richard Zaher / Jan 09, 2015


Necker Island

Necker Island
Necker Island. Picture Source.

Given Richard Branson’s penchant for global expansion and space exploration, it will come as no surprise that his own private island in the Caribbean is a haven of the utmost luxury. Necker Island is a 74-acre piece of land that boasts unparalleled beauty and privacy. There is plenty of wildlife to be found around the island including lemurs, iguanas, and flamingos. The entire island can be explored by foot in a day, indicating just how unique your experience will be.


Anguilla Islands

Anguilla Islands. Picture Source.

Any island offering a zero tax policy is bound to attract the rich and famous, and this is certainly the case in the Anguilla Islands. Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian are just a handful of the A-listers that frequent this idyllic getaway.

One thing that separates the Anguilla Islands from many others is the government’s strict policy forbidding luxury hotels, ensuring that every private property build retains its own unique charm. This increasingly popular area boasts an impressive 33 beaches epitomizing the alluring luxury lifestyle of the 15,000 inhabitants.


St. Barthelemy

St. Barts
St. Barthelemy. Picture Source.

One of the most recognized celebrity hotspots in the Caribbean, St Barts has a reputation for entertaining the elite across its irresistible 14 white-sand beaches. Everyone is free of charge, yet only the highest paying customers will find solace in the ultra-luxury hotels.

Regulars at St Barts are happy to pay the higher fees in exchange for the unprecedented facilities at hand. Most hotels are tiny – often offering little more than a dozen rooms – adding a great deal of privacy to the getaways. If it’s your first time consider the Hotel Guanahani and Spa which specializes in scuba diving and kayaking as well as having an iconic beach-side gym.



Barbados. Picture Source.

Barbados is split into 11 parishes each with their own unique charm and overall has proven to stand the test of time among the Caribbean’s elite getaways. A little more mainstream than the other islands, Barbados does lack the heavenly isolation of the other islands – even boasting some chain restaurants – yet still offers plenty of punch.

The streets are lined with restaurants and venders offering local treats including fresh fish cakes and coconut, with the rum punch going some way to explaining the laid back atmosphere about town. The fun loving vibe of the island makes the luxury hotels a pleasure to stay in, and guests leave feeling completely revitalized.



Antigua. Picture Source.

Typifying the Caribbean escapism that appeals to so many, Antigua is every bit the go-to island for travelers seeking a quiet, peaceful escape in abundant luxury. The gorgeous scenery that is typical of the region is in no short supply, and the affable locals are known for their welcoming ways.

In terms of accommodation Antigua again solidifies the luxurious image the Caribbean has acquired, with a number of private properties providing exquisite services and the bespoke service visitors have become accustomed to.


Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda
Virgin Gorda. Picture Source.

Having garnered a reputation as one of the most expensive islands in all of the Caribbean there is a certain standard expected of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. It does not disappoint.

Stemming from an unassuming patch of land to becoming one of the foremost top-end getaways was the work of Laurance Rockefeller who first opened the Little Dix retreat in the 1960s. Since then Virgin Gorda has never looked back, charging premium prices for the pinnacle of luxury, privacy and an unmatched ambience of pure relaxation.



The concept of Nevis is that it doesn’t try to do anything special, yet this is precisely what gives it such an irresistible magnetism. Vervet monkeys dangling from branches of the rich, lush rainforests and golden beaches stretching as far as the eye can see set the tone for a wonderful experience in this most desirable of Caribbean islands.

The vast majority of the privately owned properties in Nevis don’t have their own website, so you won’t be able to view your destination in too much detail before visiting. However, this lack of technology is testament to the fact that the island provides a complete escape from the rat race of busy cities. Besides, with such encapsulating surroundings, it is difficult to go wrong.



Mustique. Picture Source.

Spanning 1,440 acres and encapsulating everything desirable about private luxury getaways, Mustique is known to be the most expensive island in the Caribbean and as such is one of the most frequented by top celebrities. Even royalty have enjoyed the fruits of the island; HM Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip have visited along with Kate Middleton.

The aptly-named paradise escape boasts over 100 private villas but one of the most famous – and the one opted for by HM Queen Elizabeth II – is the Lavish Aurora Villa – for those able to stay there, is simply unmissable.


Harbour Island

Harbour Island
Harbour Island. Picture Source.

Such is the encapsulating and alluring nature of the Bahamas it is difficult to nail down a single island most deserving of a visit, but Harbour Island makes a grand claim with its impeccable accommodation and vibrant locals that inject passion into their craft.

Exotic and tropical foliage covers every inch of the Bahamas making it difficult to pin down the finest hotel. Harbour Island has a unique claim in its Pink Sands cottages, where the beaches are pink in more than just name. When you feel peckish swing by Sip Sip where you may bump into patron Robert de Niro indulging in some of the finest, fresh seafood the island offers.



Jamaica. Picture Source.

Although it may not have the little-known appeal that many of the smaller islands have, Jamaica remains a firm favorite with visitors new and old to the Caribbean. Of the many alluring retreats it is GeeJam that attracts celebrities such as Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani, and it is easy to see why.

Whilst most hotels and villas in the Caribbean rely on the natural beauty of the area alongside unrivalled customer service and incredible amenities in the bedroom, GeeJam takes a slightly different angle. Not shying away from technology, guests are presented with a personal cell phone upon arrival and there’s even a fully functioning recording studio on site.


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