Top 10 Reasons to Use Private Jet Travel

by Richard Zaher / Sep 30, 2019

Aircraft ready for boarding

What are the benefits of chartering a private jet? It’s a question we get asked a lot.

Even if you haven’t used a private jet yet, you’re probably aware of some of the reasons people like to hire them. They’re cool, they’re fast, and they’re sexy.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For example, did you know that private jets have access to thousands of smaller airports all over the United States that you couldn’t otherwise access?

Or did you know that some businesses actually find it more profitable to fly private?

There’s more to private jets than meets the eye. Check out our list of 10 reasons to charter a private jet to learn all about the sometimes hidden benefits of hiring private planes.


Private Jets Save Time
Fly closer to your destination with private jets.

One of the main reasons our clients book private jets is to save time.

Picture any commercial airport around the globe and you’ll think of bustling crowds, monitors packed with hundreds of departure times, and last-minute dashes to the gate.

When you book a private jet, you avoid all of this.

It’s good practice to arrive two hours before your flight time for a commercial flight. But you can comfortably arrive at the airport just minutes before a private flight.

The reason you can arrive at a more casual time is that you get to skip the lines for check-in, security, and passport control. You still have to go through them, but the number of passengers in front of you will be few – or even zero.

You’ll save time in other areas, too. In the United States, there are 20,000 airports. But did you know that only 500 or so of these permit commercial jets to land?

By flying privately, you open the door to landing at literally thousands of different airports. You’ll be closer to your destination. Less traveling to the airport means less time wasted. When time is precious and holidays are short, this can make a major difference. Plus, if you travel regularly, the time saved quickly adds up.

Want to save even more time? Good news – there’s a way.

Depending on how you book your flight, there are even more ways to shave time off your journey. Certain payment methods make it easier to get the aircraft ready, starting from the moment you make the request.

Approximately 75% of private flights are booked two weeks or less before departure. And in some cases, it can be a same-day request.

To make a flight happen, several time-consuming things need to be accounted for. This includes:

  • Locating a suitable aircraft
  • Assembling a flight crew
  • Liaising with the operator
  • Giving pilots a two-hour call-out
  • Receiving sign-off from the client

That’s a lot of moving pieces involving multiple parties. So, if you have funds ready to go, things are much quicker. Having money in a holding account can reduce the time between booking and departure from four hours to just three.

If you want the fastest private jets available, check out our Jet Card Membership.

With no annual flight hour commitments, no joining fees, and several tiers to suit all customers, the Jet Card Membership allows you to pre-load your account with funds.

If you need a flight in a hurry, we’ll make it happen. And anything you don’t use is refunded to you. It’s the smart way to travel at lightning pace.


The differences in quality between economy and first-class completely alter the experience of your flight.

The same can be said of the difference between first-class on a commercial jet and flying private.

We’ve already touched upon the high-speed check-in process and the impact it can have on your flight. And it’s worth noting that, in some cases, you can even drive right up to the aircraft.

Then, once you’re on board, there’s so much more to relish.

Private Jet Meet and Greet
The meet and greet will be totally different from what you’d experience at an airport.

The meet and greet will be totally different from what you’d experience at an airport. The staff will know you by name. If you travel frequently, you can even retain the same flight crew so they get to know your likes and dislikes.

Step on board and you’ll enjoy unparalleled freedom. It might be something as simple as choosing what music is played in the cabin. Or propping your bag on the seat next to you without issue.

But it could also be pretty major, like changing the destination of your flight.

You can wave goodbye to boring, tasteless plane food, too. When you book a private flight, you have much more control over what gets served. If you have a favorite beer, your broker can arrange for a fridge full of cold ones. Or if you’re flying in a country and want to sample a local delicacy – like Nigeria’s famous tiger shrimp – that can usually be arranged.

You can check out a typical private jet catering menu here.

From the personal reception to the customized catering, the quality of service you’ll enjoy is unparalleled.


For many people, there is nothing more convenient than a private jet. Admittedly, it’s a form of travel that is inaccessible to the vast majority of flyers. For those who can fly privately, ease of access is a major selling point.

We touched upon the number of airports that smaller jets can access. It’s something that not only saves time but also makes things far more convenient.

For example, Chicago Midway Airport is open 24 hours a day and is a short eight-mile drive from the downtown area. And Teterboro Airport – packed with five fixed-base operators (FBOs) and 23 hangars – is a popular choice for business flyers keen to avoid the nightmare crowds at airports such as JFK and Newark.

Did you know that private jets are vastly more flexible with what you can bring on board? This ranges from clunky baggage to the liquids you’re made to dispose of at commercial airports.

Pet in Lady's Arms
People love that they can have their pets in the cabin.

You can even bring your beloved family pet on a trip they’ll never forget! People like the convenience that pet travel offers them and Paramount is happy to offer this service to our clients and their cherished furry friends.

If you’ve ever seen someone frantically throwing their belongings from their baggage into the trash, you’ll understand how strict airlines can be about weight regulations. And it’s a situation nobody wants to be in.

When you fly privately, you won’t have to pay extra baggage fees.

In fact, you can keep your luggage by your side for your convenience. Never again will you hop on board, strap in for a long-haul flight, then realize you’ve left your headphones in your checked luggage!


Commercial flights are rigid. There are set planes departing from set airports at set times on set days. There are a limited number of seats. And once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The idea of running late or changing flight details is out of the question.

However, when you fly privately, there is much more flexibility.

Private Jet on Tarmac
Access more airports and choose the size of jet perfect for your mission.

You’ll enjoy perks including:

  • Flying anytime on any date
  • Accessing thousands of more airports
  • Smaller or larger jets
  • Customized meals
  • Minimal lines

If you’re running late, you can contact your broker and they’ll update the flight crew. They may be able to wait for you. And, if you need to change your plans mid-flight, even that can be accommodated.

When you look at the private flying experience and the commercial one, there really is no comparison.


Yes, private flights are more expensive than commercial ones. But when you think about the price, you also have to factor in something else.

This is the value of your time.

So, how exactly does this relate to your flight? Well, add up the extra time that you’ll spend on a commercial flight versus a private flight. That could include:

Drive up to your jet
Drive right up to your jet with ramp access.
  • Traveling to an airport that may not be local
  • Early arrival
  • Check-in process
  • Security
  • Passport control (departure and arrival)
  • Delays

Arriving minutes before your flight and being sped through customs saves you hours. These are hours that could be used working, networking, or spending time with loved ones.

Consider the value of your time, and you’ll notice that private jets may not be as costly as they first seem.


There are degrees of privacy on commercial flights. When booking a flight, you’ll typically choose from the following classes:

  • Economy
  • Business Class
  • First Class

In economy, you’ll be bunched together with multiple passengers, strapped in just inches away from you. Paying more for your ticket will afford you more privacy; you may have a curtain or divider that creates a makeshift barrier. Or you may have a seat that resembles a pod, designed to keep a guard up between you and other passengers.

Lady reading in a luxury Jet
There’s no substitute for private jets when it comes to privacy.

But the only way to experience true privacy is via a private jet.

When you charter a private jet, the experience is completely unique. You are no longer concerned with shielding your important documents from the prying eyes in 11B. Instead, the plane is yours.

Perhaps you’re flying on important business and discussing sensitive data. Or maybe you’re with your family and want to give them a fun and care-free flying experience.

Whatever the reason, there’s simply no substitute for private jets when it comes to privacy.


Lady relaxing in a luxury Jet
Private jet travel is less stressful.

Traveling is stressful. A Link Springer survey published in Applied Research in Quality of Life stated that “several aspects of air travel contribute to stress.” When you spend much of the year looking forward to a getaway, it seems silly to let that all come undone due to a stressful flying experience.

When you have the ability to choose your own flight times and dates, you save yourself an almighty headache. Instead of waking up at unholy hours to speed across the city and catch a flight, you can book one at your convenience. You can saunter over to a small, regional airport. And you can breathe a huge sigh of relief as you do it.


Let’s face it – charter planes are convenient, consistent, and reliable. There’s no denying it. When it comes to the ultimate image of success, a private jet is probably the number one commodity out there.

And here’s something else we can’t deny – reputation matters.

Business people on a jet
Private jets are the ultimate image of success.

In day-to-day business, we manage our appearances on autopilot. Tasty baked treats are in the conference room. A freshly pressed shirt is always available ahead of a big meeting. A touch of cologne in the morning goes a long way.

These are things we do to project the finest images of ourselves – and our companies – to the world.

So, why wouldn’t we do the same when it comes to flying?

The impact a private flight can have on those around us is massive. It could be that you want to impress an important client, and a taste of the VIP lifestyle does the trick. Or maybe you want to impress your partner with a romantic gesture they’ll never forget.

There’s no shame in taking pride in the finer things in life. If you get the chance to travel by private jet, you should embrace it.


Business people next to a jet
Aviation culture is intertwined with effective business management.

We help many different types of clients, but there are some common features we see among our regulars. For example, when it comes to business, our customers don’t want to be ‘out of the loop’ while flying.

A recent study found that the average wealth of a private jet owner is $1.5 billion. And 20% of all private aviation users work in finance and banking.

Plus, 36% of flyers on a company-owned aircraft spend time in meetings.

What does this mean for businesses? In a word: efficiency.

Less time is wasted queueing at the airports. Meetings can take place mid-flight. And the entire aviation culture is intertwined with effective business management. So, the on-board flight team will be used to the types of requests you’ll make on behalf of your business.

Personal Life

Life is short. It’s an ethos many of our clients share, and a great contributor to why they fly privately whenever possible.

Chartering a private jet means more time with your family.

Comfortable sofa on a private jet
Chartering a private jet means more time with your family.

It really is that simple, when you think about it. You travel less. And, whilst you’re travelling, you spend quality time with your friends or family. Instead of leaning across strangers to hand your partner their book, you can snuggle up with them on a comfortable leather sofa.

You don’t spend your time counting down the time left on the flight – you cherish it.

Perhaps your family isn’t travelling with you. Maybe you’re away on business and can’t wait to get back.

If you were chasing commercial flights, it would be difficult to make it home that same day. But when you fly privately, it’s possible to visit multiple clients and still get home by nightfall.

A private jet charter is a powerful tool that can help you capitalize on business – without sacrificing your personal life.

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