The top 10 Most chartered Private Jets

by PBJ Staff / Oct 18, 2021

When you charter a private jet, you will look for an aircraft with the right facilities, capacity, configuration and range to suit you, your journey and your fellow passengers. So what are the top 10 most chartered private jets?

However, here at Paramount Business Jets, we find certain private jet models are always in high demand. We look at our most requested jets in each class to find out what makes them so popular!

Our Top Ten Private Jets


Turboprop aircraft are more efficient and cost-effective over short distances than comparable piston engine planes. However, they still achieve speeds averaging 300 mph and a range of around 1,000 miles. They can also take off and land at virtually any airport, including those with non-concrete runways. Turboprops are most popular for short to medium distance flights.

While most have a pressurized passenger cabin and many have a semi-private lavatory, their baggage capacity is normally limited.

King Air 200

A Beach King Air 200 at Tom Masden airport, Unalaska.

The King Air 200 is one of the most successful aircraft in its class. It’s also one of the most widely deployed ambulance aircraft in the world—partly due to its ability to land and take off on very short runways. While it’s typically configured to seat nine passengers, it can accommodate up to 13.

  • Cruise speed: 290 KTAS (537 km/h)
  • Pressurized cabin
  • Cabin baggage capacity of 54 ft³ (2 m³)
  • Couch and divan configurations available

Pilatus PC-12 NG

A Pilatus PC-12 NG flying through the air

The PC12-NG aircraft is popular for its reliability and resilience, even in harsh weather conditions. It’s also popular because it can be easily configured for many purposes: government, military, and civil utility. It seats up to six passengers in comfort but can transport up to nine in high-density seating.

  • Highly cost-efficient, with low operating costs
  • Cruise speed: 280 KTAS (519 km/h)
  • Cabin baggage capacity of 34 ft³ (1 m³)
  • Fold out worktables

Light Jets

Light jets are also best suited to short and medium range flights. While they’re not quite as versatile as turboprop aircraft, they can still use much smaller airports than major airline jets. They’re also usually capable of greater speeds and ranges than turboprops, with cruising speeds averaging 440 mph and a nonstop range of about 1,500 miles.

Light jets have pressurized passenger cabins and most include a private or semi-private lavatory. However, baggage and luggage capacity may be limited.

Citation Ultra

a Citation Ultra private jet waiting for deployment

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The bestselling Citation Ultra has all the versatility of a light jet but the amenities of a larger jet, including a full refreshment center and enclosed lavatory. It’s usually configured to seat between six and eight passengers but can accommodate 11. With the longest cabin in its class and a total of 63ft3 of storage, it offers luxurious yet efficient journeys.

  • Impressive range and landing/take-off capabilities
  • Fourteen windows for maximum natural light
  • Cruise speed: 426 KTAS (789 km/h)
  • Baggage capacity 26 ft³ (1 m³)

Hawker 400XP

A Hawker 400XP private jet flying through the sky

The Hawker 400XP is designed for short, luxurious trips where comfort is high priority. Rather than a cuboid or rounded cabin, it has a flat floor and curved ceilings that maximize space. There’s also a fully enclosed lavatory and a refreshments cabinet. The Hawker 400XP is usually configured for six or seven passengers, but it can seat eight.

  • 180° rotation chairs for flexible socializing or business
  • Fold-out tables
  • Cruise speed: 450 KTAS (833 km/h)
  • Baggage capacity 25 ft³ (1 m³)

Super Light Jets

Super light jets offer more cabin space and baggage capacity than light jets, and often, an increased range too. They’re suitable for short to medium range travel and carry seven or eight passengers. Like light jets, they can land at small airports, giving you more flexible and direct travel options.

Phenom 300

A Phenom 300 driving on the runway

The Phenom 300 is an ultra-modern light jet with a state-of-the-art cockpit and an elegant cabin designed by BMW DesignworksUSA. Potential interior customizations include a two-place divan option, nine passengers in high-density seating and seven passengers in a more comfortable arrangement.

  • Cruise speed of 453 KTAS (838 km/h)
  • Plenty of natural light and headroom
  • Climate control systems
  • Baggage capacity 85 ft³ (2 m³)

Learjet 45

A Learjet 45 waiting for departure

The Bombardier Learjet 45 is favoured for its range—one of the longest in its class—and its luxurious, spacious interior. It offers plenty of headroom, shoulder room and natural light. It can seat up to eight passengers and has ample luggage capacity too, including generous in-cabin capacity.

  • Cruise speed: 465 KTAS (861 km/h)
  • Baggage capacity 65 ft³ (15 ft³ accessible in flight.
  • Galley
  • Spacious seating area, allowing seats to recline, swivel and track

Midsize Jets

Midsize jets fly further and faster than light and superlight jets but can still use smaller airports. There’s also a step up in amenities, with an enclosed lavatory as standard, and on many, external luggage storage.

Hawker 800xp

A Hawker 800xp taking off on the runway

The Hawker 800xp offers a ‘conference room in the sky’. It has internet access and a standing-height cabin with enough room for tables and state-of-the-art equipment, including digital voice/data flight phones. It’s usually configured as an eight-seater but can accommodate up to 15 passengers.

  • Fully adjustable seats with 360° swivel
  • Comfortable eight-passenger configuration features a four-person club section, a three-person divan, and one forward-facing seat
  • 48 ft3 of baggage storage accessible in flight 

Learjet 60

A Learjet 60 private jet ready to lift off

The Learjet 60 is perhaps best known for its impressive climb rate, rising to 41,000 feet (12,497 m) in just 18.5 minutes at maximum weight. But it’s also one of the most fuel-efficient jets in its class, and has an intercontinental range of 2,310 nautical miles.

The luxurious full height cabin is typically arranged to accommodate six passengers but can seat up to 10.

  • Cruise speed: 465 KTAS (861 km/h)
  • Spacious private lavatory with space for changing
  • 55 ft3 of baggage storage
  • Audio/video controls for the TV monitors are recessed into the armrests of each seat

Super Midsize Jets

These jets are ideal for clients needing more carrying capacity, speed, and range than a midsize jet, but not requiring a larger aircraft. Super midsize jets have the comforts of a large jet, such as a private lavatory, while retaining the versatility of planes in the midsize class.

With average cruising speeds of over 500 mph, they’re fast, efficient, and often quieter than smaller comparable corporate jets.

Citation X

Citation X

The award-winning, record-breaking Citation X is one of the fastest business jets in existence. It’s able to shave as much as 35 minutes off the NY to LA flight times of other planes in its class. Yet surprisingly, it’s also one of the most fuel-efficient midsize jets in the world.

The spacious cabin can seat up to 12 passengers, but it’s typically configured for eight in spacious executive seating. It also has a.

  • Cruise Speed: 525 KTAS (972 km/h)
  • Heated, pressurised baggage compartment offering over 80 ft3 of storage space and preventing damage to cargo
  • Fully functional galley

Challenger 300

A Challenger 300 private jet flying through the air

The Challenger 300 is known for its impressive range (over 3,500 miles with eight passengers) and its ability to fly at high altitudes when compared to other jets in its class. This allows it to avoid much of the flight traffic and bad weather. It’s also known for its generous cabin size.

Typically configured to seat eight or nine passengers, it can accommodate up to 12.

  • Cruise Speed: 476 KTAS (882 km/h)
  • Adjustable seats and fold-out tables
  • Air conditioning in passenger and pilot cabins

Choosing the right Private Jet to Charter

To find out more about the types of private jet available for charter, check out our Private Jets and Aircraft for Charter Flights page. If you’re still unsure and want advice before requesting a quote, then just call us on +1-877-727-2538 ext. 1., or email us at

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