Using a Private Jet to Transport Loved Ones on Their Final Journey

by PBJ Staff / Sep 04, 2019

Transporting the deceased in a casket via private jet
Transporting the deceased in a casket via private jet

It might seem unusual – even morbid – to think of using a chartered private aircraft to transport the remains of a loved one who has passed away. While it’s certainly a less-conventional use of private aviation, this little-known option also makes quite a bit of sense for families coping with the difficulties of funeral planning and bringing their loved one’s remains home.

At a time when so many critical obligations must be sorted and arranged within a short period, utilizing a private jet to transport human remains offers one key advantage: the assurance that your loved one’s remains will be handled with the utmost care and respect, with all transportation and logistical concerns handled by the operator.

The importance of experience in arranging private jets to transport the deceased.

An experienced private jet charter broker will be well-versed with the legal requirements for transporting the deceased on a private jet, whether it be across the country or around the globe. They will also ensure that all cultural and religious practices are fulfilled with honor and with dignity.

When coordinating such a flight, your charter broker will work in conjunction with the funeral home or end care provider, as well as the operator of the flight, to secure all necessary documentation for transport. This may include the death certificate, signed by a physician or health care officer; the embalmer’s certificate; the deceased’s passport, if the flight will cross international boundaries; and all other required certifications for transporting the remains by air.

Private charter jet brokers will also work with these parties to ensure the remains are contained properly for transport, and to arrange ground transportation at the origin and the destination. Many times, they’ll also provide the means for the decedent’s family to track their loved one’s last flight in real-time.  

Selecting the right aircraft to transport caskets and coffins

Aircraft type is also an important consideration, as most private jets lack the large cargo holds as seen on commercial airliners, and caskets often won’t fit through cabin doors. That said, there are many aircraft able to accommodate caskets, and your charter broker will help locate the best option for you.

Choosing the right aircraft to transport the deceased in coffins
Choosing the right aircraft to transport the deceased in caskets

A private jet may also be chartered to fly the cremated remains of a loved one home to their final resting place. While such flights generally require less extensive preparation, they must also adhere to many of the same certification requirements – again demonstrating the importance of selecting an experienced charter broker to make such arrangements.

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