CityAirbus - Airbus Flying Taxi Concept

Airbus Expects Flying Taxis by 2021

Airbus have announced the unthinkable and stated their desire to introduce flying taxis within five years.


Facebook edge ahead in worldwide broadband competition

Facebook’s solar airplane - Aquila - offering broadband to remote areas of the world successfully completed its first test flight.

Icon A5

Planes for the People: The Icon A5 Makes Amateur Aviation a Reality

The Icon A5 is arguably one of the safest aircraft and employs an anti-spin feature which stops the aircraft from spinning out of control should it stall.

AW609 Helicopter Mode

Cutting-Edge Tiltrotor Technology Moves to Mainstream Market

The AW609 Tiltrotor will fuse the finest aspects of a fixed-wing aircraft and a helicopter into one vehicle, allowing for much greater flexibility.

Air Traffic Control

Will US Air Traffic Control Privatization Work?

If Air Traffic Control Privatization can lower costs & increase safety, why is there so much resistance to the proposals being put forward by Bill Shuster?

Airport Cyber Security

FAA Tackle Aircraft Cyber Security

Cyber security is of more importance than ever. Naturally, aviation security features very high on the list of priorities for those involved with aircraft.

TriFan 600 Interior

TriFan 600’s Vertical-Takeoff Looks to Revolutionize Aviation

The Trifan 600 is a model which combines the comfort, range, and speed of a typical business jet with the convenience that comes with flying a helicopter.

Lufthansa Mercedes Airplane Interior

Mercedes Unveils Dazzling New Private Jet Interior

Mercedes-Benz Style team up with Lufthansa Technik to bring a brand new type of private jet design that is going to be something really spectacular.

Progress Eagle

Oscar Viñals’ Progress Eagle: The Super-Eco Jet of the Future

Progress Eagle has been designed to utilize technologies which do not currently exist, and won’t do until the end of the century.

Remote Airport Control Tower

Incorporating Remote Tower Technology: An Interview with Shye Gilad and Scott Coffman

Leesburg Executive Airport (JYO) is planning on being the first to test remote tower technology in a non controlled airport in America.

AeroMobil 3 - Juraj Vaculik - Stefan Klein

The Flying Car

Visually, AeroMobil is an exceptional vehicle. It has a sleek, futuristic design constituted by a steel framework and carbon-fibre body.

Airbus E-Fan

The Airbus E-Fan Aircraft that Runs Purely on Electricity

The all-composite Airbus E-Fan has dual electric motors provide 69kW of power, and the 120-cell lithium battery permits an hour of flight at a time.