Booking a Six-Figure Private Jet Flight? Expertise and Personalized Service is a Must

by Richard Zaher / Sep 09, 2019

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Are you in the process of booking a six-figure private jet flight? Are you concerned about getting the most value for your money?

While every private air charter service will tell you they can help, this is not the case. It takes aviation industry expertise and personalized service to provide a top-notch experience from beginning to end.

It’s difficult enough to book a simple private jet flight from point A to point B. But when you step up to a six-figure flight, the process becomes even more complicated. Here are some of the most common challenges:

  • Finding a service that can accommodate all your needs: From your schedule and location to the size of the plane to special accommodations, your air charter service must be able to meet your requirements.
  • Getting your money’s worth: Spending $100k or more on a private jet flight is a big deal. It’s a challenge to determine if you are getting your money’s worth – especially if your service is unresponsive and evasive when addressing your questions and concerns.
  • Availability: There’s nothing simple about a six-figure private jet flight. You’re likely to have more than one stop along the way, special requests, and the need for an aircraft that meets your requirements in regards to size, range, and amenities. Some air charter services are unable to get you exactly what you need based on your travel schedule.

Despite these challenges, there’s nothing to worry about. By working closely with an experienced broker, you can sit back and relax while all the legwork is done on your behalf.

How a Broker can Help

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when booking a six-figure private jet flight. You have questions and concerns, some of which have the potential to stop you dead in your tracks.

An experienced broker has the knowledge necessary to guide you through the process, all while putting your mind at ease. They know what to do, when to do it, and how to make you feel comfortable.

Here are three distinct ways a broker can help:

1. Expertise in All Facets of the Trip

Upfront, your broker will collect all the necessary information to provide you with a seamless and stress-free trip.

To start, they’ll share information on the many types of jets that are available for booking. For example, you may assume a super midsize jet will do, but you actually need a large aircraft, such as a Gulfstream G650ER or even a Boeing Business Jet, to accommodate the needs of you and your traveling party.

Do you have particular requirements? Once again, your broker can help.

Maybe you need a plane that’s big enough to accommodate 20+ people, as well as a variety of equipment (common among musicians and professional athletes). Or maybe you have special requests in regards to the food that’s served on each leg of the trip.

The best private jet brokers are in the business of providing personalized service, which means they’ll do whatever they can to meet your particular needs.

2. Personalized Service

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all private jet charter. What works for you may not work for the next person, and vice versa.

This is why personalized experience is so important. If you’re treated the same as every other client, it’s unlikely that you’ll get everything you want out of the experience.

Personalized service comes in many forms, including but not limited to:

  • A primary point of contact for all questions, concerns, and changes
  • Customized itinerary to meet your schedule
  • Ensuring access to all required onboard amenities

3. Management of All Moving Parts

There’s more to booking a private jet flight than meets the eye. If you treat it in the same manner as a commercial flight, it’s easy to overlook important details – and that’ll cost you time and money while adding unnecessary stress to your trip.

So, you’re probably wondering: what are all the moving parts of a private jet flight?

  • Choosing departure and arrival dates
  • Choosing departure and arrival airports
  • Booking the right type of aircraft for your trip
  • Traveling with equipment
  • Concierge services
  • Safety and security

For example, let’s examine the details associated with something as seemingly simple as in-flight catering. Here are just some of the many things to discuss:

  • Meal requests and preferences: Are you most interested in desserts or snack trays? Maybe both? How about fine wines and premium liquor? Answering these types of questions, with the help of a broker, allows you to customize your experience.
  • Food service facilities: Do you require an aircraft equipped with a full galley and refreshment center? Are you okay with a warming oven and microwave? This detail must be in line with your meal requests and preferences.
  • Dietary restrictions and allergies: If you or anyone in your traveling party has a dietary restriction or allergy, it’s essential to share this information with the catering company.

As your broker manages all these details, among others, you’ll feel the stress of your trip melting away.

The Problem with Private Jet Charter Apps

It’s 2019, so it’s only natural for travelers to gravitate toward technology. They want everything and they want it now. And that’s why their smartphone is the first place they turn.

Private jet charter apps are growing in popularity, and there’s one primary reason for this: convenience.

The convenience of being able to book a private jet flight via a smartphone app is enough to attract hordes of travelers. When combined with access to an agent and personalized service if requested, it’s a viable option.

But here are the challenges:

  • Owner approval is still required: The process is not as automated as it first appears. Since owner approval is still required, availability cannot always be immediately confirmed. This can result in missing out on a booking, thus throwing your entire trip into a state of flux.
  • Most apps don’t give the actual tail number: Without this, you never truly know which jet you’re traveling in. This can make for an unpleasant surprise when you arrive at the airport.
  • Lack of operators: Most apps don’t have all operators on their platform, which limits your choices. For instance, no matter how badly you want to book a Boeing Business Jet 3 (or any other type of jet), a small operator network can make it difficult.
  • No backup plan: What happens if the aircraft booked has a mechanical problem? Who is responsible for securing a backup? A reputable broker has a backup plan in place, ensuring that you don’t miss a beat if your jet has a mechanical.

Jet charter apps are convenient, but there are entirely too many challenges associated with relying solely on this technology. This is particularly true when booking a complex six-figure private jet flight.


Without an expert broker on your side, the thought alone of booking a six-figure private jet flight is enough to make you cringe.

A broker that combines industry expertise, along with personalized service and advanced technology, is one you can rely on to plan and manage your trip from start to finish. Do you have experience booking a private jet flight through a broker? Have you done the same via a jet charter app? Share your thoughts on your experiences in the comment section below.

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