8 Amazing Destinations to Visit by Private Plane

by Richard Zaher / Oct 30, 2019

New Zealand

At Paramount Business Jets, we spend a lot of time conveying to our clients all the incredible benefits, perks, and other major advantages of chartering your very own private plane with us. Our customers and longtime social media followers know what we bring to the table and what we’re about: we are a trusted private jet company specializing in arranging luxurious private flights for our clients around the world.

From the moment you charter a private plane with us or get in touch with us for any reason, you’ll feel like absolute royalty. We cater to your every whim, whether that involves finding you the perfectly sized jet for your needs, ensuring you enjoy five-star service while aboard, and getting you where you’re going on time and in style.

This is all part of the Paramount promise to you so that you always know what to expect from us.

However, in this post, we’re shifting our narrative focus to the places you can go in private planes brokered by Paramount Business Jets. We have been arranging jets for our clients for more than ten years, and in that time, we’ve gotten to know the destinations people love visiting. Of course, our customers fly by private plane for all kinds of reasons and to just about anywhere in the world you can think of. But, as we’ve said, brokering private jets for as long as we have has taught us a lot about people’s general preferences when flying privately.

So, let’s get into our list of eight amazing destinations to visit by private plane. We hope checking out our selections will inspire you to make the trek to these places yourself!

1. Norman’s Cay, the Bahamas

Norman's Cay
Norman’s Cay – Visitors must take either a boat or private jet even to access the island. Picture Source.

First up on our list is the small island of Norman’s Cay in the Bahamas. Visitors to this tropical island paradise must take either a boat or private jet even to access the island. It’s also worth noting that, until relatively recently, the airport on Norman’s Cay was only long enough to accommodate turboprop aircraft. It was eventually extended to allow larger private jets to land there, but this all lends even more exclusivity to the place.

In any event, Norman’s Cay is a popular destination for private jet travelers for its white, sandy beaches and clear ocean waters, not to mention the serene greenery and wildlife to be found there. Many visitors lodge at MacDuff’s on the western side of the island. The complex offers six seaside cottages and a restaurant all in one. Overall, Norman’s Cay is a perfectly secluded spot for anyone seeking to vacation in the utmost of peaceful Caribbean goodness. This island comes highly recommended from us here at Paramount!

2. Easter Island, Polynesian Triangle

Easter Island
The famous stone moai statues carved into the shapes of humans on Easter Island. Picture Source.

You’ve likely heard of Easter Island, and maybe you know of its famous stone moai statues carved into the shapes of humans. Polynesian peoples fashioned these statues beginning in the thirteenth century as representations of their ancestors. And this is only part of the history you can discover for yourself on Chile’s overseas territory of Easter Island.

Located in the Polynesian Triangle, Easter Island takes in more than 100,000 annual tourists via Mataveri International Airport, touted as the most remote airport in the world. Chile’s LATAM Airlines services flights to Easter Island, but the location is much more easily accessed by private jet. Wherever you are in the world, you can charter one of Paramount Business Jets’ more than 4,000 private aircraft to transport you to Easter Island in absolute luxury. Gather your family and friends together for this South Pacific trip, because it’s sure to be one you will never forget.

3. Crete, Greece

Crete, Greece
Crete has stunning sunny weather and mild to warm temperatures nearly year-round. Picture Source.

Crete, the largest island in Greece, is truly a wonder to behold. Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, it hosts stunning sunny weather and mild to warm temperatures nearly year-round. When chartering a private jet to Crete, you really get to take your pick as it relates to things to do and see. Crete is home to green valleys, impressive mountain ranges, and sandy beaches overlooking the striking blue sea.

You can also take in the history of Crete by visiting cities such as Chania on the western part of the island. There, you can wander the streets, marvel at the gorgeous architecture of the buildings, check out the museums, and, of course, enjoy some local cuisine. Crete and all of Greece is known for its food and wine. You can try some wild herbs, greens, and other products such as pomegranates and tomatoes. And, of course, make room for food prepared with olive oil. The stuff is literally everywhere in the Cretan diet, and it’s one of the healthiest oils you can consume. Finally, for fans of good wine, Crete is a paradise, so be sure to get around and taste whatever you can.

Crete has three airports: Heraklion, Chania, and Sitia. If you need more information about booking your private flight to Crete, be sure to get in touch with us.

4. Cayman Islands, Caribbean Sea

Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands are also well known for their shipwrecks, particularly of the USS Kittiwake. Picture Source.

The Cayman Islands are a collection of three islands that lie just a few hundred miles south of Florida. This British Overseas Territory is home to just about every outlet for fun, relaxation, and adventure you can imagine. Go hiking through the forest, fields, and other natural areas of the Mastic Trail, or spend a relaxing afternoon (or a few) chilling out on Seven Mile Beach. This long stretch of white, coral sand beaches is located on Grand Cayman and features positively wonderful views of the clear Caribbean ocean waters.

For those looking to add some urban activities to their stays in the Cayman Islands, the archipelago’s capital city of George Town has plenty of fun, from snorkeling to swimming with stingrays. Also, be sure to take in the local bars and restaurants or tour a distillery or two. For those diving enthusiasts, the Cayman Islands are also well known for their shipwrecks, particularly of the USS Kittiwake. The ship supported U.S. naval efforts beginning in the 1940s and, after a long commission, was intentionally sunk just off of Seven Mile Beach in 2011 to create an artificial reef. The wreck is a popular site among divers.

5. New Zealand, Southwestern Pacific Ocean

New Zealand
New Zealand has diverse landscapes that encompass mountains, rainforests, glaciers, beaches, and plains. Picture Source.

Though New Zealand is a bit better known than some of the other places we’ve mentioned here so far, the country, in general, is definitely worth a visit by private plane. We can transport you to just about any of the island nation’s major or minor airports, including those in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Queensland.

Once in New Zealand, be prepared for a lot of traveling and sightseeing. It may not be an especially large country comparatively, but there is certainly a lot to see, including a host of diverse landscapes that encompass mountains, rainforests, glaciers, beaches, and plains. New Zealand is a country that values its natural environments, which is why tourists can enjoy the islands’ scenery in a variety of protected national parks.

For those of you who do elect to go hiking in any of New Zealand’s expansive areas of wilderness, be on the lookout for unusual birds and other animals that you cannot find anywhere else. The reason for the country’s unique fauna is simply that New Zealand is an island, and this allowed certain animal species to flourish without the competition that can be found on the major continents.

Of all the New Zealand native animals, the kiwi bird might be the most famous. These flightless birds are about the same size as chickens. They are covered with distinctive feather plumage and have long, pointy beaks. Then there’s the kea, an alpine parrot found primarily in the region of Arthur’s Pass National Park on New Zealand’s South Island. Keas are known for their inquisitive and often brash personalities; it is not unusual to find a kea attacking and damaging cars and other private property. Observe keas from afar when you charter a private plane to New Zealand.

6. Macau, China

Macau, China
Macau is one of the major gambling regions of the world, sometimes known as the Las Vegas of the East. Picture Source.

Macau is one location you probably don’t see too often on lists of private jet charter destinations, but it certainly bears mentioning here. Macau is an autonomous region of China, located in the extreme south of the country, on the coast of the South China Sea. Your large jet or VIP airliner flight from Paramount will likely land in one of the region’s major airports, Macau International or Zhuhai Airport. From there, it’s off to the sights and sounds of this fascinating part of the world.

Macau is made up of three major sections: a peninsula, which is part of mainland China, and two islands, Taipa and Coloane. It may surprise you to know that Macau is actually one of the major gambling regions of the world, sometimes known as the Las Vegas of the East. And it rivals that American city in earnings from gaming alone. The primary game of choice in Macau is baccarat, which citizens of the area take quite seriously.

If you have enough of the casino life at any point, head into the streets to take in all the little shops and food stands. Speaking of food, Macau cuisine is unique in that it combines Chinese and Portuguese traditions since the Portuguese colonized the area hundreds of years ago. Some Macau meal favorites include tacho stew and cappela, a meatloaf made with cheese, olives, bread crumbs, and bacon.

Finally, be sure to pay a visit to Senada Square, where you can observe Macau’s classic Eastern/Western look in the architecture and walkways, and the Ruins of St. Paul’s, a large stone facade of the church that burned down in the nineteenth century.

Your private jet travel to Macau is just waiting on you!

7. Madagascar, Indian Ocean

Madagascar is home to thousands of species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Picture Source.

The first destination from Africa on this list, Madagascar is yet another island nation that is just begging to be explored. A luxury air charter from Paramount Business Jets can land in Ivato International, the main airport serving Madagascar, or any of the smaller surrounding airports if you so desire.

What travelers find most interesting about Madagascar is its animal species. As with many large islands of the world, Madagascar is home to thousands of species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This is because the animals were allowed to flourish on their own for millions of years, separated from the other animals of mainland Africa.

Madagascar’s visually striking red fody bird is native to the island, as is the satanic leaf-tailed gecko, which occurs in numerous colors, including red. The gecko is able to camouflage itself against its environment to hide from predators but can then open its red mouth to scare off any animals that get too close.

Of course, chief among the animals you will want to see when visiting Madagascar are the lemurs. There are more than 30 species of lemur, but the most famous is the ring-tailed lemur, due to its long black and white ringed tail and resemblance to a large squirrel. Lemurs are one of the most endangered animals in the world, and Madagascar works hard to protect these animals from extinction.

Aside from checking out some of the island’s distinctive animals in nature reserves, you can also spend some time at other unique sites such as the Avenue of the Baobabs on the western coast. Situated near the town of Morondava, this is a more than 850-foot road of giant Grandidier’s baobab trees, with their impressive height and green branches extending out from their tops. For those vacationers who want a little water action, Three Bays up north near Antsiranana offers ample opportunities for swimming, windsurfing, hiking, and just generally relaxing and taking it all in.

8. Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru
Machu Picchu was built as a royal estate for the Incas in the mid-1400s. Picture Source.

Last on our list of amazing destinations to visit by private plane is the fifteenth-century Incan city of Machu Picchu. Located high up on the slopes of Peru’s Andes mountains, Machu Picchu was built as a royal estate for the Incas in the mid-1400s. The 80,000-acre archeological site is famous for its perfectly terraced green garden areas and stone walls and courtyards. Of course, all of this is even more impressive given that it is located about 8,000 feet above sea level.

A private jet charter to Peru will likely land at Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport in the city of Cusco, though several other airports in the area can service private planes. Once you land, it’s time to start your Peruvian adventure, since you will have to hike into the Andes to reach Machu Picchu. Once there, however, we think you’ll say that the effort was worth it, for this site, with its sweeping views of the surrounding mountains and beautifully preserved architecture, is one you will never forget. If it is an exotic vacation you are looking for, this remote Incan palace on an Andes mountaintop is sure to satisfy.

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