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Long Range Airliner
19 - 500+
Range (nm)
1,550 - 8,300
Hourly Rate
$16,000 - $30,000
Buy Used
$35.0M - $200.0M
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$52.5M - $250.0M

Popular Long Range Airliners

Name Typical Seating Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Lavatory
Airbus A300B4 269 2900 457 Full
Airbus A380 525 8000 510 Full
AVRO RJ85 85 1600 421 Full
Boeing 747-400 416 7262 530 Full
Boeing 767-300ER 218 5990 461 Full
Boeing 777-300 400 5710 513 Full
McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30 105 1700 490 Full
McDonnell Douglas MD-82 152 1877 435 Full
Airbus A330 400 5850 360 Full
McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 255 6504 490 Full
Airbus A310 220 5200 484 Full
Airbus A340-300 277 7400 330 Full
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 293 6840 587 Full

Capable of carrying large groups of people or heavy loads of cargo, jet airliners are specifically suited to medium to long-range flights. The wide variety of jet airliner types available encompass diverse performance characteristics. Small jet airliners are designated "regional" airliners and are best suited for mid-range domestic transport, while larger jet airliners can carry hundreds of passengers over thousands of non-stop miles. Jet airliners are typically powered by two to four jet engines and feature pressurized passenger cabins for added comfort, safety and performance. Jet airliners can be configured in a variety of ways to cater to executives or to maximize passenger capacity. Executive configurations often feature multiple berths, lavatories, a gym, shower, meeting room or study, and other luxurious appointments, while economy-configured aircraft utilize a layout similar to a commercial airliner to maximize passenger capacity.

Common Routes: New York to Tokyo, Moscow to Los Angeles, and Venice to Sydney

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