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Long Range Airliners
Charter Long Range Airliners
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Charter Long Range Airliners

Long Range Airliner
19 - 500+
Range (nm)
1,550 - 8,300
Hourly Rate
$16,000 - $30,000

Popular Long Range Airliners

Name Typical Seating Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Cabin Height (ft)
Boeing 767-300ER 218 5.990 461 9.42

Capable of carrying large groups of people or heavy loads of cargo, jet airliners are specifically suited to medium to long-range flights. The wide variety of jet airliner types available encompass diverse performance characteristics. Small jet airliners are designated "regional" airliners and are best suited for mid-range domestic transport, while larger jet airliners can carry hundreds of passengers over thousands of non-stop miles. Jet airliners are typically powered by two to four jet engines and feature pressurized passenger cabins for added comfort, safety and performance. Jet airliners can be configured in a variety of ways to cater to executives or to maximize passenger capacity. Executive configurations often feature multiple berths, lavatories, a gym, shower, meeting room or study, and other luxurious appointments, while economy-configured aircraft utilize a layout similar to a commercial airliner to maximize passenger capacity.

Common Routes: New York to Tokyo, Moscow to Los Angeles, and Venice to Sydney

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