Santa Monica Private Jet Charter Service

Trusted Santa Monica Jet Charter Company since 2005

Trusted Santa Monica Jet Charter Service since 2005

Santa Monica, California is a very popular and convenient destination for private air travel and Paramount Business Jets is the ultimate charter provider to take you there in luxury, style, and comfort. Whether traveling domestically or internationally, PBJ has such a large selection of available aircraft that you are sure to find the ideal business jet for your trip. The flexibility doesn't end there, as Santa Monica is located just 50 miles or less from no fewer than 22 airports suitable for private business jets. The closest of these airports include the Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO), the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), the Northrop Field Municipal Airport (HHR), the Van Nuys Airport (VNY), and the Bob Hope Airport (BUR), all of which are within 15 miles from the city limits of Santa Monica. Although you have a virtually limitless selection of aircraft to choose from, popular models in the Santa Monica vicinity include the Citation CJ3, Learjet 35A, and Premier IA (light jets), the Hawker 800 XP and Learjet 60 (midsize jets), and the Gulfstream IV, Legacy 600, and Challenger 601 (large jets). Contact us at any time by phone at +1-877-727-2538 for more information.

Santa Monica Aircraft Hourly Rental Prices By Jet Category

Average Hourly Rates
Very Light Jets (VLJ)
$2,000/hr up to $2,350/hr
Light Jets
$2,200/hr up to $2,500/hr
Midsize Jets
$2,800/hr up to $3,400/hr
Super Midsize Jets
$3,800/hr up to $4,500/hr
Large Jets
$4,500/hr up to $8,000/hr
VIP Airliners
$8,000/hr up to $12,000/hr
$1,200/hr up to $1,600/hr
Turboprop Airliners
$2,500/hr up to $3,400/hr
Jet Airliners
$9,000/hr up to $15,000/hr
$900/hr up to $5,000/hr
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Private Jets and Helicopters Available for Hire Near Santa Monica

Citation Mustang VLJ 2008 4 Gold+ Wyvern Wingman
Eclipse 500 VLJ 2008 4 Gold Wyvern Registered
Phenom 100 VLJ 2009 4 DNQ Not Rated
Phenom 300 VLJ 2010 6 Platinum Wyvern Wingman
Citation Bravo Light 1998 7 Gold Wyvern Registered
Citation CJ1 Light 1998 5 DNQ Not Rated
Citation CJ3 Light 2009 6 Gold Wyvern Registered
Citation II Light 1980 8 DNQ Not Rated
Citation V Light 1996 7 Gold Wyvern Registered
Learjet 25D Light 1968 8 Platinum Wyvern Wingman
Learjet 31 Light 1994 7 Gold+ Not Rated
Learjet 35 Light 1980 8 DNQ Not Rated
Learjet 35A Light 1980 8 DNQ Not Rated
Premier IA Light 2006 6 Gold Wyvern Registered
Westwind II Light 1982 7
Citation Excel Midsize 2003 8 Gold Wyvern Registered
Citation Excel Midsize 2001 8 Platinum Wyvern Wingman
Citation X Midsize 1997 8 Gold Wyvern Registered
Gulfstream G150 Midsize 2008 7
Hawker 700 Midsize 1982 8 Platinum Wyvern Wingman
Hawker 700 A Midsize 1977 8 Gold Wyvern Registered
Hawker 800 A Midsize 1993 8
Hawker 800 XP Midsize 1995 8 Platinum Wyvern Wingman
Hawker 900 XP Midsize 2012 9 Gold Wyvern Registered
Learjet 40XR Midsize 2007 7 Gold Wyvern Registered
Learjet 55 Midsize 1982 8 Platinum Wyvern Wingman
Learjet 60 Midsize 1994 8 Platinum Wyvern Registered
Challenger 601 Super Midsize 1985 12 Gold Wyvern Registered
Challenger 601-3A Super Midsize 1988 10 Gold Wyvern Registered
Challenger 604 Super Midsize 2004 9 DNQ Wyvern Wingman
Citation Sovereign Super Midsize 2009 8 Platinum Wyvern Registered
Falcon 50 Super Midsize 1982 11 Platinum Wyvern Wingman
Gulfstream G200 Super Midsize 2005 9
Hawker 1000 Super Midsize 1994 Platinum Wyvern Wingman
Embraer 135 Business Jet Large 2005 13 Platinum Wyvern Wingman
G-IV Large 0000 Platinum Wyvern Wingman
Global 5000 Large 2006 15 Platinum Wyvern Wingman
Global Express Large 2005 13
Gulfstream G450 Large 2011 14
Gulfstream G550 Large 2006 14
Gulfstream III Large 1983 12 Platinum Wyvern Wingman
Gulfstream IV Large 1992 13 Platinum Wyvern Wingman
Gulfstream IV Large 1992 15 Platinum Wyvern Wingman
Gulfstream IV Large 1987 13 Gold Wyvern Registered
Gulfstream V Large 1998 14 DNQ Not Rated
BN-2A-20 Turboprop Aircraft 1989 10 Gold Wyvern Registered
King Air 200 Turboprop Aircraft 1979 9 Gold Wyvern Registered
King Air 350 Turboprop Aircraft 1991 9 Gold Not Rated
King Air B100 Turboprop Aircraft 1981 9 DNQ Wyvern Registered
King Air B200 Turboprop Aircraft 1999 6 Gold Wyvern Registered
Norman Islander Turboprop Aircraft 1971 9 Gold Wyvern Registered
Pilatus PC-12 Turboprop Aircraft 0000 Gold Wyvern Registered
Pilatus PC-12 Turboprop Aircraft 2006 9 Gold Wyvern Registered
Bell407 Helicopter 2009 6 Gold Wyvern Registered
Eurocopter AS350 B2 Helicopter 1995 5 DNQ Wyvern Registered
Eurocopter AS355F2 Helicopter 1989 5 DNQ Wyvern Registered
Sikorsky - S76 B Helicopter 1988 6 DNQ Wyvern Registered

Santa Monica Empty Leg Flights and Available Airport Options

Los Angeles, California
United States
Oakland, California
United States
Oct 4, 2015Oct 5, 20156Request

Santa Monica Airports within 50 Miles

  1. Santa Monica Muni Airport, KSMO, SMO, Santa Monica, California, United States
  2. Los Angeles Intl Airport, KLAX, LAX, Los Angeles, California, United States
  3. Northrop Field Municipal Airport, KHHR, HHR, Hawthorne, California, United States
  4. Van Nuys Airport, KVNY, VNY, Van Nuys, California, United States
  5. Bob Hope Airport Airport, KBUR, BUR, Burbank, California, United States
  6. Compton/woodley Airport, KCPM, CPM, Compton, California, United States
  7. Whiteman Airport, KWHP, WHP, Los Angeles, California, United States
  8. Zamperini Field Airport, KTOA, TOA, Torrance, California, United States
  9. Long Beach Municipal Airport, KLGB, LGB, Long Beach, California, United States
  10. El Monte Airport Airport, KEMT, EMT, El Monte, California, United States

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Santa Monica Weather

Current Conditions

Partly Cloudy (measured at 11:40 PM UTC)

Partly Cloudy Temperature: 23 °C, 73 °F, Humidity: 61%, Precipitation: 0.0 mm, Pressure: 1012 mb, Cloud Cover: 75%, Visibility: 16 km, Wind Speed: 12 mph, 19 km/h, Wind Direction: 210° SSW

5-Day Forecast

  Oct 05Oct 06Oct 07Oct 08Oct 09
Blank SunnySunnySunnyCloudySunny
Precipitation 0.3 mm0.0 mm0.1 mm0.1 mm0.0 mm
Max Temp 25 °C, 76 °F25 °C, 77 °F26 °C, 78 °F27 °C, 81 °F29 °C, 83 °F
Min Temp 19 °C, 65 °F17 °C, 62 °F19 °C, 66 °F20 °C, 69 °F22 °C, 72 °F
Wind Direction 169 ° SSE226 ° SW206 ° SSW194 ° SSW217 ° SW
Wind Speed 13 km/h, 8 m17 km/h, 11 m15 km/h, 9 m13 km/h, 8 m17 km/h, 11 m

Santa Monica City Overview

Located a few miles from Los Angeles, Santa Monica is a seaside town in Southern California. Santa Monica offers a variety of activities from sunny beaches to unique museums and art galleries, from cutting-edge California culture to award-winning restaurants and accommodations. Situated in only 8.3 square miles, Santa Monica can be explored by foot. The heart of Santa Monica is the 3rd Street Promenade, where visitors can find an exciting range of shopping, dining, movie theaters opportunities. Santa Monica and the area nearby offer some of the most unique Southern California attractions including the Santa Monica Pier, the Santa Monica Muscle Beach, Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Magic Mountain. Santa Monica hosts summer events and festivities such as Celebrate America, Main Street Summer Soulstice, Fourth of July Parade, the Twilight Dance Series, Jazz on the Lawn and more. For visitors seeking outdoor activities, the Santa Monica Mountains can be an interesting and exciting place to discover. With all the culture, events, quality of life, Santa Monica is a perfect destination for explorers, leisure and business travelers.

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