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Paramount Business Jets' clients enjoy the flexibility of having global access to over 15,000 safe and reliable, quality private jets of every manufacture from Turbo Props to VIP Airliners. Our Jet Smart Experts are here to help you secure the most suitable aircraft to meet your mission requirements and your personal needs.

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Very Light Jets

 2 - 4 Pax
 1,200 - 1,300 Miles
 $2,200 - $2,350 per Hour

Very Light Jets Very light jets (VLJs) are ideal for short or medium range trips. For lightweight trips (under 10,000 pounds), VLJs are an excellent option due to their versatility and efficiency. Optimal for small groups of passengers, VLJs typically accommodate two to six people. Due to their small size, VLJ's can travel quickly over large distances in addition to being able to land and take off utilizing smaller airports. View all VLJs.

Light Jets

 6 - 7 Pax
 1,020 - 2,890 Miles
 $2,200 - $2,800 per Hour

Light Jets

An efficient and economical option for short to medium range flights, light jets offer superior versatility, speed, and range over non-jet aircraft. Additionally, light jets have the added advantage of being able to fly into and out of smaller airports that are inaccessible to major airliners. With cruising speeds of around a 440 mph average and a nonstop range of around 1,500 miles, light jets get you to your destination quickly and efficiently. View all Light Jets.

Midsize Jets

 7 - 8 Pax
 1,160 - 4,200 Miles
 $2,900 - $3,600 per Hour

Midsize Jets

Midsize jets offer the ultimate balance of efficiency, comfort and performance. Able to fly further and faster than their lighter counterparts, midsize jets take advantage of a 500 mph average cruising speed and a maximum nonstop range of around 2,100 miles. Without sacrificing the ability to fly into and out of smaller airports, midsize jets provide the best of both worlds. View all Midsize Jets.

Super Midsize Jets

 8 - 10 Pax
 2,820 - 4,200 Miles
 $4,000 - $4,800 per Hour

Super Midsize Jets

As an attractive middle ground between midsize jets and large jets, super midsize jets are ideal for those who require a little more carrying capacity, speed, and range, but don't want to go quite as big as large jets. Exceptionally fast, quiet, and efficient, super midsize jets are ideal for those looking for the comfort of a large jet and the versatility of a midsize jet. View all Super Midsize Jets.

Large Jets

 10 - 16 Pax
 4,330 - 6,000 Miles
 $5,500 - $9,000 per Hour

Large Jets

Prioritizing luxury and diverse amenity service for long-distance flights, large jets are the epitome of comfort and performance. Large jets can naturally travel faster and longer than their smaller counterparts. Boasting average speeds of as high as 530 mph and average ranges of around 4,000 miles, large jets are perfect for those who want the premier option for private jet travel. View all Large Jets.

VIP Airliners

 16 - 60 Pax
 4,600 - 7,480 Miles
 $16,000 - $23,000 per Hour

VIP Airliner

VIP airliners comprise the highest standards of comfort, luxury, and diversity in amenity service. Headlined by world famous offerings such as the Boeing Business Jet, VIP airliners truly offer you a home or office in the sky. With ample space for passengers, luggage, and even cargo, these airliners are the optimal choice for those who want to travel long distances in extravagance without worrying about limitations. View all VIP Airliners.

Jet Airliners

 19 - 500+ Pax
 2,300 - 9,640 Miles
 $16,000 - $23,000 per Hour

Jet Airliner

With a plethora of options to choose from in terms of models, jet airliners are one of the most diverse and versatile categories of aircraft. Varying in terms of performance attributes, passenger capacity, and effective range, jet airliners are the optimal choice for medium range domestic transport. Each of the model types can be outfitted in numerous ways to optimize the intended mission. View all Jet Airliners.

Turboprop Aircraft

 5 - 8 Pax
 850 - 1,720 Miles
 $1,700 - $2,500 per Hour

Turboprop Aircraft

Above and beyond piston aircraft in terms of average range, speed, and comfort, turboprop aircraft still maintain the cost-efficiency of their piston counterparts. Utilizing turbine propeller engines, turboprops can maintain average speeds of up to 300 mph and have a non-stop range of around 1,000 miles. Turboprops are most popular for short to medium distance flights and have the added advantage of being able to take off and land using virtually any airport. View all Turboprop Aircraft.

Turboprop Airliners

 19 - 39 Pax
 700 - 3,302 Miles
 $2,500 - $5,000 per Hour

Turboprop Airliner

Turboprop airliners deliver large passenger capacity supplemented by turboprop efficiency. Ideal for short to medium distance trips, turboprops are generally more economical than jet airliners and have the added advantage of being able to land on shorter runways. This versatility combined with high standards of comfort and safety make turboprop airliners excellent mid-range flight options. View all Turboprop Airliners.


 3 - 8 Pax
 250 - 660 Miles
 $1,700 - $2,500 per Hour


Particularly useful for short to medium distance flights, helicopters come in a wide variety of available models. Diverse and versatile with the flexibility of numerous configurations, helicopters specialize in VIP format transport for executives traveling city to city. They can also serve other purposes such as cargo missions, medical evacuation flights, and versatile passenger transport. View all Helicopters.