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From foreign dignitaries to royalty, large sports teams and performing artists Paramount Business Jets has a wealth of experience in organizing specialized and unique group charter services around the globe. So what does it take to organize charters for some of the world's most elite clientele? "It is definitely a challenging processes," says Account Executive Mark Frase, "We've organized charters for royal families, complete with private security firms and personal bodyguards to assisting with evacuation operations and efforts such as the recent disaster in Japan. It's never a boring day at work!" With over 15,000 aircraft at its disposal and access to over 4,000 international and domestic partners, Paramount Business Jets is perfectly positioned to provide clients with charter solutions to every itinerary imaginable.

A recent charter by a foreign dignitary highlights some of the challenges faced by PBJ when dealing with time sensitive itineraries and security concerns. "Obviously, the safety and security of our clients is our highest priority," remarks Richard Zaher, CEO of PBJ. In this particular charter, PBJ was tasked with providing a large jet for a high profile tour while ensuring that the client's itinerary, passenger list and private information was safeguarded at all times. In addition, the company was also tasked with employing private protection services for the client and their guests from departure to touchdown. Coupled with security concerns for armed escorts, the trip was a challenge by any stretch of the imagination. Orchestrating the charter, was a multi-tasked effort involving a global sales team, numerous operator partners and 24/7 access to dedicated account representatives that addressed the dynamic needs of the client's changing schedule 24 hours a day.

As the complexity of client's trips continue to increase, PBJ has streamlined it's operational procedures to ensure that specialized trips such as music tours, royalty group charters and sports charters are provided 24/7 access to account representatives, no matter where the client is located. "With the changing dynamics of these trips, it is important for our clients to know that they have access to a knowledgeable and competent professional that is able to address their needs at any stage of the charter," remarks Richard, "It is this attitude and service orientated culture that puts us ahead of our competition and allows us to cater to these itineraries." From last minute in-flight destination changes, to chartering 2 additional aircraft in 4 hours notice, Paramount Business Jets has managed to stay ahead of the curve by ensuring client's needs are exceeded at every stage of the operation. "We always have contingency plans for large scale operations such as sports charters," says Frase, "When dealing with international sports teams, there are numerous stakeholders that are relying on our ability to get our clients to their destination quickly and safely. If something can go wrong, we make sure to plan for every eventuality and have a back up aircraft ready. This way our operations are never compromised and surprises are rare." Evacuations, air ambulance, musical tours, royal flights, sports charters, celebrity charters, VIP airliner charters and more, Paramount Business Jets has the resources, personnel and experience to assist with a wide variety of specialized charter services.

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