How Much Would It Cost For Simon Cowell To Fly From London To Mebourne On A Private Jet So He Can Smoke?

by Evelyn Robins on Jul 06, 2013

Simon Cowell

The X-Factor TV Star Simon Cowell charters private jets so he can smoke during the flight according to a recent article published in the New-Magazine. An Ex- employee of Simon, Danni Minogue says, “he will not even fly as far as Australia”. Simon says, “I can’t get a private jet to Australia, but I can’t do the non-smoking thing either”. So we decided to look a bit further in to this flight to see what it would actually cost for Simon to charter a jet from London to a famous city in Australia such as Melbourne for example.

The distance between London, UK’s Luton Airport (EGGW) and Melbourne, Australia’s Tullamarine Airport (YMML) is 9118 nautical miles. A leading long range Gulfstream G550 private jet has a non-stop range of 6,750 nautical miles. Therefore, even if we were to use a Boeing Business Jet which travels as far as 6,141 nautical miles non-stop, we would still need to make at least one stop along the way. So the flight would not be a non –stop and in addition there would be anywhere between 1 to 3 stops depending on the type of private jet that we use. The flight time is about 18 to 24 hours each way depending on the type of aircraft chosen as well.

London - Melbourne

The cost effective options for this private charter would range anywhere from 223,835 USD to 471,002 USD based on the large jet type. The other option would be a VIP airliner (more luxurious and one that Simon would prefer) which would cost round trip anywhere between 500,496 USD to 818,625 USD. However, these jets can generally handle up to 16 passengers comfortably and offer all the amenities required by Simon and yes you can smoke on these flights. The operators will charge an additional 250 to 500 USD to shampoo and disinfect the cabin post flight for the smoking specifically.

On the contrary this same flight on a commercial flight while flying first class would cost round trip 18,816 USD according to Expedia but you can’t smoke unfortunately. In addition, although the commercial flights do not allow smoking on board they do allow vaporing and an electronic cigarette set on a 36 milligrams can do wonders for a regular smoker. We wish Simon to be healthy and travel as far as he wishes without the ball and chains of cigarettes regardless of flying commercial or private. Here are some charts for your review in regards to chartering a jet to Australia.


LEG FROM TO km mi nm sm
London (luton), United Kingdom
Melbourne, Australia
16,885 10,492 9,118 10,492
    TOTAL DISTANCE 16,885 10,492 9,118 10,492


Category Pax Est. Time (hr:min) Fuel Stops/Leg
VIP Airliner


Category Est. Oneway Total (USD) Est. Round Trip Total (USD)
VIP Airliner

Right, one last thought: A large/long range jet can handle up to 16 passengers and 16 times the cost of a first class commercial ticket for this route would be about 301,056 USD. This would pretty much cover the cost of a large private jet from UK to Australia provided the aircraft seats are occupied and all the other passengers are ok with the smoking. Alternatively, you can get a price quote for any private flight, using any jet, instantly, at – Bon Voyage Simon and keep up the amazing work!

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