Chartering A Jet To The Super Bowl Despite Air Traffic Congestion

by PBJ Staff on Jan 25, 2013

Super Bowl 2013

It is the biggest single sporting event of the year in the US and it will attract both international and domestic travelers on both commercial and private jets. Most of this traffic of course will come from Northern California, and the Mid Atlantic region, as the two top teams from each coast battle it out. This year, Super Bowl XLVII is on Feb 3 in New Orleans. The two major airports there are NEW and MSY, but airports are right in the city. Street traffic will be brutal as locals travel to their watching locations, and attendees travel to the game.

These two airports will see so much traffic that it will be a miserable experience operating or chartering in and out. Permits will need to be obtained in advance and even with an FAA issued slot delays will keep passengers sitting in their jets on the ramp for hours.

It would be highly advisable to any client to charter into an outlying airport.
The problem with New Orleans is that it is built on the southern edge of a huge lake, and everything south of it is a swamp. That means there are no small airports south of the city, and everything north of the city is on the other side of the lake and it is a BIG lake.

For anyone chartering in a light jet, Slidell KASD is the best option, with a 40 min drive into the city. If you are booking a large jet, you should look at Hammond, LA (KHDC) or Stennis, MS (KHSA) – both airports are about 1 hr 20 min away. The drive is down major interstate highway, which runs right by the Super Dome and will allow for the least delay.

Should you still need to secure an aircraft to charter to the Super Bowl 2013 there is still a good number of aircraft available. Light jets, Midsize jets and Large jets from the North East and from the West Coast are currently advertising “specials” for the Super Bowl, and some of them may already have the much coveted “Slots” needed to get in and out of New Orleans major airports. If you plan to be in New Orleans for the weekend, plan to pay for two round trips, as aircraft will likely not remain on the ground there, and prices will be at a premium. Paramount Business Jets continues to stay well informed and prepared, watching the current traffic to see what operators have the best aircraft options for you to get in and out and have the most enjoyable experience possible. Whichever team you are pulling for we are up to the challenge of getting you there … And Back!

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